Applying for TIN number

Tax Identification Number or TIN Number is a 11-digit number doled out to merchants in India. TIN Number, VAT Number, CST Number are every one of the one and the same and the old deals charge numbers/CST numbers issued by State Sales Tax Authorities have all now been replaced by the TIN number.



Apply for TIN number:

In this way, TIN, VAT and CST number are every one of the one and the same and it now compulsory to specify the TIN number wile undertaking state level or between state deals. It is additionally mandatory for all merchants to specify their TIN in every one of their deals and buys. In this article, we take a gander at the method the TIN Number Application in India and the procedure for hunting down TIN Number. VAT is actualized in each of the States by the State Government in accordance with the direction issued by the Empowered Committee. In this manner, the VAT charge rate, VAT enlistment technique, VAT return documenting necessity, VAT installment due date/approach and perspectives will change from State to State. In this manner, it is vital for the Entrepreneur to know about the techniques in his/her state for VAT or TIN Number Registration and take after the systems laid out by the individual State Government.


For the most part to apply for a VAT or TIN Number in a State, the Entrepreneur will need to outfit reports, for example, evidence of ownership of premises (Electricity Bills, Property Tax Receipt, Rental Agreement, etc.,), PAN card for the element, bank explanation, MOA/AOA, photos of the promoters, address verification of the Promoters, way of business and other data. The rundown of reports required to acquire TIN Registration will differ from state to state. Hence, it is best for the Entrepreneur to check with the State’s Sales Tax Department to accurately comprehend the TIN Number application process.