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If you are maintaining business in india, its important for your to become GST compliant. At kanakkupillai our aim is to simplify GST for business owners. That’s why we’ve built a process to create GST compliant invoices, record expenses, track inventory and finally automatically prepare GST-ready tax returns.

We’ve a network of professionals who can help you with your GST registration process and tax inquiries

Why do you need to register for GST?

GST regime will confer the following advanges:

i) Legally recognized as supplier of goods or services.

ii) Proper accounting of taxes paid on the input goods or services which can be utilized for payment of GST due on supply of goods or services or both by the business.

iii) Legally authorized to collect tax from his purchasers and pass on the credit of the taxes paid on the goods or services supplied to purchasers or recipients.

Are you looking for a GST consultant in Chennai, Tamil Nadu?

gst registraion online in India, Chennai

You made a smart choice by coming to Kanakkupillai as we have a good understanding of the registration procedure which includes
  • The whole system of enrollment will be paperless; hence, no hard copies shall be entertained by the department.
  • Applying to the concerned authority with all necessary information and documents

All you have to do is provide the documents as per our checklist and your duty is done. Leave the rest up to our tax consultants , sit back and relax.


What is aggregate turnover?

As per section 2 (6) of the MGL, aggregate turnover includes the aggregate value of:
(i) all taxable and non-taxable supplies,
(ii) exempt supplies, and
(iii) exports of goods and/or service of a person having the same PAN.

The above shall be computed on all India basis and excludes taxes charged under the CGST Act, SGST Act and the IGST Act.
Aggregate turnover does not include value of supplies on which tax is levied on reverse charge basis, and value of inward supplies.


Who are required register under GST?

Existing taxpayers are liable to enroll under GST system portal. An existing taxpayer is an entity registered with any of the authorities;

  • Central Excise
  • Service Tax
  • State sales tax/VAT (except exclusive liquor dealers)
  • Entry tax
  • Luxury Tax
  • Entertainment tax

Reopen date for GST Registration?



Time period

For All States


3 Months


Can a person without GST registration claim ITC and collect tax?

No. A person without GST registration can neither collect GST from his customers nor claim any input tax credit of GST paid by him.


Who are the persons liable to take a Registration under the Model GST Law?

Any supplier who carries on any business at any place in India and whose aggregate turnover exceeds threshold limit as prescribed in a year is liable to get himself registered. However, certain categories of persons mentioned in Schedule III of MGL are liable to be registered irrespective of this threshold. An agriculturist shall not be considered as a taxable person and shall not be liable to take registration.


Whether the Registration granted to any person is permanent?

Yes, the registration Certificate once granted is permanent unless surrendered, cancelled, suspended or revoked.


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