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IEC Registration

IEC Registration

Every establishment dealing with Imports/Exports is required to get a IE Code from the concerned state government authority.

Need/Use of IEC :

IEC forms the primary document for recognition by Government of India as an
Exporter/Importer. On the basis of IEC, companies can obtain various benefits on their
exports/imports from DGFT, Customs, Export Promotion Council etc..


Who is required to obtain IEC Registration?

All Importers who import goods into India require an IE Code. The IE Code must be quoted while clearing customs. Also, banks require the importers IE Code while sending money abroad.All Exporters who export goods or services from India require an IE Code. The IE Code must be quoted while sending shipments. And banks require the exporters IE Code while receiving money from abroad

How an applicant (NRI) can apply?

NRI has to follow the normal application procedure. In addition permission from
RBI/ FIPB is needed in some cases.

Validity of IEC Code Number?

An IEC number once allotted, shall be valid for all its branches/divisions/units/factories as indicated in the IEC. While applying for registration, care shall be taken to include all desirable addresses of branches/divisions/units/factories. Address proof for the same would be required. Validity is for life.

In how many days does the authority grant IEC?

The data is automatically transmitted electronically on the day of issue of IEC.

Can IEC be hand delivered/over the counter??

No, IEC will be issued in digital format only.

Following is the list of documents that any state government would normally ask for.

  • Covering Letter on your company’s letter head for issue of new IEC Code Number.
  • Two copies of the application in prescribed format.
  • Certificate from the Banker of the applicant in the prescribed format.
  • Two additional copies of 3×3 size photographs of the applicant.Photograph on the bank certificate should be attested by the banker of the

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