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VAT Registration

Sales Tax is a tax payable to the authorities as an addition over the value of physical goods sold.

Rs. 10,000/-

Do you own a company that sells any goods or products in Chennai whose turnover crosses 5 lack P.A or is expected to cross it? Then you most definitely need to opt for Sales Tax Registration in Chennai.

Why do you need to register for VAT?

Registering is the only way to claim the VAT that goes from your pocket to the government. Also sales tax registration is a government recognized proof of your business which adds to the authenticity of your company.

Are you looking for a sales tax consultant in Chennai?

You made a smart choice by coming to Kanakkupillai as we have a good understanding of the registration procedure which includes

  • Applying to the state authority with all necessary documents
  • Inspection of your business location by VAT authorities
  • Allotment of TIN number and getting your VAT registration certificate

All you have to do is provide the documents as per our checklist and your duty is done. Leave the rest up to our tax consultants , sit back and relax.


Who has to pay VAT?

VAT is an indirect tax, ultimate burden falls on the shoulders of the end consumer. Sellers only act as a medium to collect VAT from the buyer and remit the same to the state government.

What is the consequence for non registration?

Failure of registration may attract a penalty upto Rs.10000/- or Rs. 200/- for every day during which such failure continues, whichever is higher.

What is the VAT Rate?

VAT is a state levied tax. Same product can have different rate in different states unlike service tax which is levied by central government. All the rules are framed by respective state governments.

What is TIN?

Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is a unique 11 digit number allotted by the VAT authorities to every person registered with them. TIN will be same for VAT and CST.

What is the use of TIN?

TIN should be quoted in every correspondence with the VAT authorities and should also be mandatorily mentioned in every VAT invoice that is issued by the seller.

What is CST?

CST means Central Sales Tax which comes into picture when transaction takes place between parties from two different states. In such Inter-state sales transaction CST is paid.

What are Input and output taxes?

Input VAT is the VAT charged on purchases of goods. Output VAT is charged by the seller to the buyer at the time of sale. Seller can take credit of the Input VAT paid at the time of purchase and pay the net amount to the government provided he produces the purchase Invoice.

What are the documents required for VAT registration?

PAN Card, Residence Proof, ID proof along with Constitution documents such as Partnership deed in case of a partnership firm and MoA and AoA in case of company will be required.

Are sales of all products subject to VAT?

No, some products may be subjected to lower rate of duty and some might be exempted depending on the law framed by the respective state government.

Our Pricing

  1. Basic Plan


    Online VAT and CST Registration including government fee.

  2. Gold Plan


    Online VAT and CST Registration including government fee, introduction letter, obtain VAT/CST certificate.

  3. Platium Plan


    Online VAT and CST Registration including government fee, introduction letter,obtain VAT/CST certificate with one year sales tax filing.

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