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Service Tax Filing

Service Tax Filing


Service Tax

Service Tax is the tax levied by Central Government on services provided. It is governed by Finance Act, 1994. Service Tax is an Indirect tax, service provider acts as a medium to collect tax from the receiver and remit to the government. Service Tax is now levied at 14.5%.

Procedure to file Service Tax Return

  • Login to ACES website.
  • Go to RET menu and Click on the ‘Fill’ option of ‘Fill ST‐3’ submenu.
  • Fill in all the required details.
  • Click on SAVE button appearing on the last page and confirmation page of ST-3 return.
  • To Amend, Click on the ‘Modify’ button or ‘Save’ to store the Return in the database.
  • To submit the ST‐3 Return to the department, press “SUBMIT”


Who should file Service Tax returns?

Every assessee having service tax registration is required to file service tax return.

Is e-filing of return mandatory?

Yes. Service tax return cannot be filed manually. It is mandatory for all assessees to file their return electronically.

When should service tax returns be filed?

Service tax returns are to be filed half-yearly. Due date for the half year Oct-Mar is 25th of April and due date for the half-year Apr-Sep is 25th of October.

What is the penalty for late filing of service tax return?

Delay of upto 15 days in filing service tax return could attract a penalty of Rs.500. Delay of 15 – 30 attracts a penalty of Rs.1000 and delay in filing of service tax return for a period of more than 30 days attracts a penalty of Rs.1000 + Rs.100 for each day of delay in filing service tax return upto a fine of Rs.20,000.

What is the excel utility available in ACEs?

Excel utility available in ACES can be downloaded and the return can be filled offline which should be later uploaded onto ACES website to file the return.

What is the rate of service tax?

Effective rate of Service Tax is 14.5%.

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