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Shops and establishments license is a great option if you are in need of accounting or legal services.

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Shop   Establishment License

Every Shop and Establishment in India is required to apply for Shop & Establishment License. The Shop and Establishment Act is framed by the government to regulate payment of wages, hours of work, leave, holidays, terms of service and other work conditions of people employed in shop and commercial establishments.

Registration Procedure

  • Application should be made to the inspector of the conceerned area within 30 days of starting any work in the shop or establishment with prescribed fee.
  • License is granted after receipt and due verification of the application by the state authority.

About Shop and Establishment Act

Businesses that have special needs such as long hours and women worker, Businesses which are open on holidays or beyond working hours are required to apply for separate permission from the Labour Officer for this ability. Similarly, establishments seeking to employ women beyond the normal permitted closing hours need to also obtain permission separately from the concerned Labour officer. If any changes need to be made, such as an increase in working hours, change in address, etc., form A is to be used. The certificate of registration is required to be renewed once every 5 years, something that can also help with. If the company has more than one office or branch, each branch has to be registered separately.


What are the contents of the application which is to be submitted to the inspector?

The application is to be submitted along with the prescribed fees and should contain the following information

  • Your name as the employer and the name of a manager, if any;
  • The postal address of your establishment;
  • The name of your establishment;
  • Such other particulars as may be prescribed.

Who has to apply for registration?

Every employer and owner of a shop   establishment shall apply for employment of registration of his shops/Establishment irrespective of business any person within 30 days of commencement of his/her.

What is the action required to be taken in case of change in any particulars?

In case of any change in respect of any information given during the application for registration, the same has to be notified to the Inspector’s office within 15 days after the change has taken place.

What are the steps required to be taken in case of closure of business?

The same has to be informed to the inspector within 15 days of closure of business. Inspector shall remove the name of the establishment from the Register of Establishments and cancel your registration certificate.

What are the compliance requirements?

The shop and Establishments license should be disclosed in a prominent place in the premises. No returns are to be filed.

Our Pricing

  1. Basic Plan


    Shop and Establishment registration with employees less than 10.


  2. Gold Plan


    Shop and Establishment registration with employees more than 10 and MSME/SSI registration.


  3. Platium Plan


    Shop and Establishment registration with employees more than 10 and MSME/SSI registration, service tax registration.


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