Steps to apply for service tax registration in india


Today numerous business people running administration based systematic commercial center of ecommerce business or applications based or arranged sites or numerous all the more however don’t think about the administration charge enrollment which is pertinent on their business so we direct you “How To Apply for the Service Tax Registration in India”

Administration Tax Registration is a Central Tax Registration which is appropriate on administration based business. so we direct you “How you Can Apply for the Service Tax Registration in India with Required Documents and other lawful charges data. Service tax is an indirect tax levied on a wide array of services specified by the Central Government under the Finance Act, 1994. The service provider (a restaurant or tour operator, for example) pays the tax and recovers the amount from its customers. To pay this tax, the service provider must be registered with the Central Government if the preceding fiscal year’s turnover is over Rs. 9 lakh. However, collection must start, at the rate of 14% (Updated), only when the turnover of the business exceeds Rs. 10 lakh. Once this you cross this mark, you must always collect the tax even if your turnover is less than this in subsequent years.

So We Prepared FAQ Series based on the Several Queries for service tax registration –

  • What is Service Tax Registration ?

    Service tax is a tax on services provided in India. Service tax is levied under the Finance Act, 1994 on certain services as specified by the Government.
  • Who has to Pay Service Tax ?

Service Tax is to be paid by the recipient of the service. Then again, benefit assessment is a type of backhanded tax assessment. In this manner, the individual who gives the assessable service on receipt of service accuses along of the service duty is in charge of paying the service tax bit to the Government. Additionally, little scale service suppliers who give not exactly Rs.10 lakhs of assessable service a year is excluded from service tax.
  • What are taxable services ?

All services gave in India are assessable. To locate the complete rundown of assessable services, allude to Section 65(105) of the Finance Act, 1994. Every single assessable services as on 1.5.2011 is recorded in Appendix-1.
  • What is the rate of Service Tax ?

Service Tax Rate Now 14% (Updated). Previous Rate is 12.36%.


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