Forensic Audit Services

Forensic Audit Services in Dubai, UAE

A forensic audit is a thorough examination and examination of a company’s or individual’s financial records in order to extract information that can be utilized in court. In the accounting business, forensic auditing is a specialty, with forensic auditing departments in most large accounting firms. Forensic audits need both accounting and auditing competence as well as comprehensive understanding of the legal environment surrounding forensic auditing.

A wide range of investigation actions are covered by forensic audits. To prosecute a party for fraud, embezzlement, or other financial crimes, a forensic audit may be conducted.

During the course of a Forensic Audit Service in Dubai, the auditor may be called in to testify as an expert witness in court. Forensic audits may also be conducted in instances other than financial fraud, such as bankruptcy filing disputes, business closures, and divorces.


Why Should We Conduct Forensic Audit?

Investigations into forensic auditing may reveal or confirm a variety of unlawful behaviors. If there is a chance that the evidence acquired may be utilized in court, a forensic audit is usually employed instead of a regular audit.

The forensic audit process is comparable to a standard financial audit in that it involves planning, obtaining evidence, and drafting a report, but it also includes the possibility of a court appearance. Both parties attorneys provide proof indicating the crime was either uncovered or denied, determining the amount of harm suffered. If the matter goes to trial before a judge, they explain their findings to the defendant.


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Functioning of Forensic Audit Service in Dubai, UAE

The following are the steps in a forensic audit:

i. Inquiry Planning:

The forensic auditor and the team will organise their investigation to fulfil their goals.

ii. Gathering Evidence:

The evidence acquired should be adequate to establish the identity of the fraudster(s), show the facts of the fraud plan, and document the financial loss incurred as well as the parties impacted by the crime in court.

iii. Summary:

A forensic audit will need the customer to have a documented report on the crime so that they may continue to launch a legal case if they so wish.

iv. Proceedings in Court:

The forensic investigator must be present in court to explain the evidence collected and how the team discovered the suspect(s).

At Kanakkupillai

When the spotlight is shining brightest, businesses must not only determine the facts, but do so quickly. Kanakkupillai forensic accounting specialists provide strategic counsel to businesses across UAE or Dubai, assisting them in resolving high-stakes challenges such as fraud and corruption, accounting errors, and a wide range of compliance concerns. We deliver a complete, integrated suite of forensic accounting services, backed by Kanakkupillai credibility and resources:

  1. Due diligence
  2. Forensic technology services
  3. Financial reporting disputes
  4. Corporate investigations
  5. Anti-corruption compliance & investigations
  6. False claims act
  7. Fraud prevention

The Forensic Accounting and Investigations practise of Kanakkupillai in Dubai or UAE offers a wide range of services to businesses, their counsel, and their stakeholders. We assist customers with interviews and background checks, as well as sophisticated fraud analytics, digital forensics, and e-discovery.

We also offer oral and written testimony as necessary, and act as monitors and independent reviewers, as well as forensic accountants to monitors and independent reviewers.

Across a wide range of industries and specialties, our employees have extensive technical and industry-specific knowledge. Our diverse team comprises forensic technology specialists, former law enforcement officers, and financial analysts in addition to certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, and forensic accountants.

Due Diligence

Kanakkupillai obtains the essential knowledge in connection with mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and third-party agents to successfully examine these key partnerships and highlight problems the parties should consider.

Corporate Investigations

When a business is confronted with allegations of misconduct, quick action and access to the correct resources are vital to averting significant reputational and financial harm. To assist clients in evaluating claims involving management, staff, or third parties, Kanakkupillai brings together accounting, investigative, financial, technological, and industry experience.

Compliance Services

The Compliance Services provided by Kanakkupillai would include a comprehensive range of services and initiatives aimed at reducing risk and deterring and preventing fraud and compliance breaches. Our experts analyse risk, test controls, and remedy severe exposures, as well as providing personalised compliance training.

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