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IFRS Advisory Services in Dubai, UAE

Dubai or UAE is a city of hope and is one of the major business hubs. It helps many entrepreneurs not just set, but also grow, expand and make their business splendid. Therefore, the demand with respect to the consultancy and services in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is on greater demand in the country.
Any worldwide corporation faces a problem in maintaining control of accounting and reporting duties at their home and also across many other countries in which they have their entity functioning.

With the fast rise of multinational organizations and commercial transactions, it is becoming increasingly vital to implement and observe the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). They not only help you evaluate your company against competitors and standardize your reporting language across overseas subsidiaries, but they also give potential investors a clear picture of your financial operations, by giving a base using which they can view and understand your performance on the financial metrics.


It might be challenging to go through the lengthy IFRS requirements and keep up with their periodic modifications in order to implement them appropriately. Our in-country and in-house experts or specialists provide best-practice compliance and complicated IFRS Advisory Services in Dubai, as well as customized consultation on different elements of IFRS – all tailored to your organization’s individual customized needs and requirements.

Why Take advantage of our IFRS accounting and Reporting Professionals and Experts Assistance?

Whether you require expert advice on employee benefits, income, leasing, value adjustments, or financial instruments, our knowledgeable advisors will provide the best solutions to meet your current company needs or long-term strategic goals.
We provide comprehensive IFRS Advisory Services in UAE services and this would include everything from:

  • – an audit of your current accounting practices, and
  • – to the development of new accounting procedures,
  • – as well as an analysis of possible IFRS reporting alternatives, and
  • – their impact on your company’s financial reporting and also key performance indicators.

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Kick Start the Adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Through Conversion

Have you found that your firm qualifies to report under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and is confused how to start the same?
Then Kanakkupillai is the answer as we will assist you in establishing proper accounting practices, such as:

  •  The first financial statements are being prepared.
  • New accounting procedures and methodologies are being established.
  • Internal guidelines are being drafted.
  • Differences between IFRS and SAS are identified and calculated.
  • Mandatory and voluntary exclusions to the retroactive method for accounting transition consultation
Adopting and the Application of the New International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Dubai,

We can give you with an unbiased opinion on the most effective method to adapt the new standards, whether you require help setting up the new standards that are in force, such as IFRS 15, IFRS 16, or IFRS 9, or you are affected by a new standard owing to a recent business transaction.

  • Help in the adoption of a new standard.
  • Creating an acceptable reporting system.
  • Disclosure of the new standard’s implications.
  • Examining the existing situation.
  • Evaluation of current contracts in light of the new standard.
  • Accounting policies are being developed in light of the new standard.
  • The new accounting methods, reporting, and disclosures must all be set up.
  • Assistance with audits.
Separate and Consolidated Financial Statements Prepared in through Adoption of IFRS

While you may not require extensive IFRS consulting, we may create any financial statement for you in compliance with IFRS to save you time and money. Our experts are always up to speed on the latest standards, so you can be certain that your financial statements will be consistent, transparent, and compliant.

Requirement Under IFRS for Specific Management Reporting

We can assist you with, establishing a new accounting system or just optimizing and improving the current procedures to increase the quality of your outputs and the achievement of the objectives you ought to:

  • Automated reporting,
  • Advice on setting up a new accounting system and reporting parameters,
  • Due to the discrepancies between IFRS and SAS, the parent company’s reporting had to be set up,
  • Accounting policies and the creation of a chart of accounts.
The IFRS for Restructuring and Acquisitions

Market conditions change regularly, and businesses must modify their structures to sustain or improve their business value and fit strategically into continuously evolving business environment. We can assist you negotiate and comply with IFRS; particular standards for restructuring operations and organizational changes in your interim financial statements.

Assistance on the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Dubai, UAE

We recognize that transitioning to IFRS can be difficult for your company because the standards can be difficult to grasp and implement for new users, giving way for committing huge mistakes. Furthermore, we have found that the constant modifications and upgrades to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) make it difficult for businesses to follow and stay compliant
with each of them in accordance to the amendments.

So, with our in-house experts and professionals in Dubai or UAE, we are providing you with the custom made and tailored particularly for your assistance for staying compliant with the IFRS, as per the new advancements or as per the standard requirement. IFRS Advisory Service is one major service our entity is providing our clients in UAE or Dubai with.

Thus, for the IFRS Advisory Service in UAE or Dubai at the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE AND QUALITY ASSURED simply contact us or leave an enquiry and we will custom built your service!!!


Conversion to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) involves much more than a technical accounting issue. IFRS may have a substantial influence on a company’s day-to-day operations, as well as the business’s stated profitability. Companies who saw the change as an opportunity to enhance their systems and processes and utilized it as a focus for more efficient, timely, and relevant internal and external financial information have profited the most from it. So, relying on the experts would be the one step you have to take and taking it right would be the final step towards the adoption of IFRS.