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How to easily approve your company name

You can use this Company Name search for already registered companies. Based on this Company Name Search Details, you can choose your company name is available here. You can also search all companies details like company incorporation date, Directors details, Share Capital and CIN (Company Incorporation Number).

Following are the conditions as per Companies (Name Availability) Rules, 2011 to be followed when selecting your company name

  • 1. A Name cannot be taken if it is already taken by a company in existence (or)
  • 2. A trademark has been registered or Application for trademark has been done

Following Rules should be applied when selecting Company Name

  • 1. Selected name should not violate the provisions of emblems and names (prevention of improper use) Act, 1950.
  • 2. Selected name should not offensive of an ethnic group, religion, gender or heredity

How to Apply for Company Name Approval

  • 1. Acquire Director Identification Number(DIN)
  • 2. Acquire Digital Signature Certificate(DSC)
  • 3. Create an account on MCA Portal – New user registration
  • 4. Apply for the company to be registered

Form-1A: Application form for availability or change of a company name. Once you apply for new company name, the MCA will suggest four different form of your company name; you have to choose one among them. To do the same you have you have to fill Form-1A and submit.
Form-1: This is for application or declaration for incorporation of a company, in this form you have to fill the same name which you have chosen during application of form-1A.

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