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What is HSN Code?

HSN means Harmonized system of nomenclature. It is a 6 digit uniform code allotted over 5000 goods and universally accepted. This HSN codes are accepted over 200 countries, It covers 98% of all goods. It is conceived and developed by world customs organization.

How to Understand HSN Code?

In HSN Code, every good is assigned with unique 6-digit code. In India HSN Code will be with 2 more digits that is unique digit code for further classification.

For understanding HSN Code, Let’s start with an example HSN code for butter milk is 0403 90 10

Here 04 represent s chapter code, 03 represents heading, 90 is the code and 10 is last two digits allotted by the Indian taxation system for butter milk.
Same as HSN Code, SAC Code for Services has been classified under GST rate list.

Relation between HSN Code and GST Rate

For levying proper GST Rate on goods or services, correct HSN or SAC Code is necessary during return filing. For finding Correct GST rate applicable your goods or service, you should know the correct HSN Code or SAC Code for your goods or services. Know your HSN Code and GST Rate by using our Search box above.

For whom HSN Code is mandatory?

Turnover HSN Code required
Upto 1.5 crore 0
1.5 crore – 5 crore 2
Above 5 Crore 4
  • *The turnover should be considered for declaring HSN code will be turnover for the previous year
  • *For whom the declaration of HSN code is mandatory, they should mention the HSN code in every tax invoice.
  • *For Imports/Exports all 8 digit code is mandatory.

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