36th GST Council meeting updates & Due Dates in India

36th GST Council meeting updates & Due Dates

36th GST Meet Updates News
36th GST Council meeting updates & Due Dates in India

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  Posted on December 21, 2021

36th GST Council meeting updates & Due Dates

GST meeting was held on 27th July 2019 under the chairmanship of Union Finance & Corporate Affairs Minister Smt. Nirmala Sitharaman. The Union Minister of State for Finance & Corporate Affairs Shri Anurag Thakur, Revenue Secretary Shri Ajay Bhushan Pandey and other senior personnel of the Finance Ministry also attended the meeting.

The highlights of the meeting is as follows

Reduction in the GST rate on supply of goods and services

  1. GST Rate on all electric vehicles reduced from 12% to 5%.
  2. GST Rate on charger or charging stations for electric vehicles reduced from 18% of 5%.
  3. Hiring of electric buses (having carrying capacity of more than 12 passengers) by local authorities is exempt from GST.
  4. The above changes will be effective from 1st August 2019.

Changes in due dates

  1. The due date to opt into the composition scheme for FY 19-20 for eligible service providers is extended to 30th September 2019. (Extension of due date to opt into composition scheme by service providers)
  2. Due date for filing GST CMP – 08 (Quarterly return for composition taxpayers) for the quarter April to June 2019 is extended to 31st August 2019. (New GST Return Format for Composition taxpayers)

Thus the entire Meeting session was focused on non-fossil fuel transport beneficiary availability for all buyers.



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