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An Inspired Team is a Productive Team!


Contrary to the popular belief that top management roles are the hot and happening ones in a company; it is now believed that it is middle management that hogs the more sensational roles. They are the communication bridge between their teams & the top-notch guys and are blessed with an opportunity to influence & empower people’s professional journeys in more ways than one. However, this blessing holds true only up until the time the teams are running full steam ahead, delivering targets and lush bottom lines; else it is a nightmare for the middle manager.
However ambitious our so-called Manager or People’s Leader may be; there is definitely no way that he or she can handle the workload all by themselves. Whether it is a team of ten or a thousand; the Boss’s success is directly correlated to his or her team’s productivity. If you have been handling teams for a while now, you will definitely find this article much to your use!

Before we leap any further, let us understand what does team productivity mean? Simply defined Productivity is a measure of efficiency and when used in reference to a team, it means a measure of activities performed by the whole team for quality output; in a specific amount of time. Here are a few easy & awesome steps that we recommend to motivate your team full throttle ahead-

1) Let your team members own their work-

Entrust your team members with a specific job or allow them to make a decision. There is nothing more motivating for a human being than for them to know they are trusted and considered capable members. Assign them a project and set frequent review milestones, if needed to handhold & steer them on to the right direction.

2) Become aware of your team members’ skills-

Delegation of the right job/assignment to the right team member is a non-negotiable. And to be able to make this decision correctly – you need to know what skill-set does each of your team member bring to the table. Make time for frequent yet informal one on one chats with your team members to get to know them personally & also to gauge their hidden strengths
that they themselves may not be aware of.

3) Be a beacon of Inspiration & Encouragement –

While it is important to assign accountability and take measures to ensure work is being done in the best interests of the company, it is even more important for the Manager to fill up their team/s with lots and lots of confidence and inspiration. Guide them to become
better versions of themselves each day & each year. Nurture their aspirations; even if you are not in a position to fulfil them immediately.

4) Get out of their Way-

Once having assigned your team on a task/project – watch out for traces of ego to fiddle in with their transactional work. There can be nothing more dysfunctional to a team’s productivity than a meddling, micromanaging Manager. LET THEM BE! Step back and watch
the team work to take place seamlessly. Sometimes the best synergies arise when the team functions independently. Even if there are frictions arising, do not be tempted to set them right unless either the team solicits your advice themselves or the situation is heading down south.

5) Be Yourself –

Every human being is not an innate leader, but some of the best leaders are made along the way. No one expects perfection from you at least not your team/s, so be humble, be yourself and make sure your team always sees the optimistic & enthusiastic version of you- not because of the fear of being judged by them but because as a manager have been assigned higher & the more mature responsibilities. Also people can sense when their managers are not authentic. To encourage your team members to enjoy their journey with you, it is important that you send out the message to them to be themselves by being yourself.

In addition to the inherent benefits that increased team productivity provides to the project/team/company – in terms of efficient resource utilization, faster work delivery, increased profitability etc. etc.; a highly productive team entails members with a healthy self-esteem and an
upbeat morale which rubs off on the entire company’s culture.

Keep Inspiring & Keep Trending!



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