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Attracting and Retaining Old Workers


Last Updated on May 13, 2023 by Kanakkupillai

Attracting and Retaining Old Workers

Old Workers are one segment of the employees which if seen from the right angle can be utilized as one of the best resources and a competitive advantage. When an entity is hiring old workers, they are actually opening a new perception and giving way for eradicating the age discrimination that is existing in the job market. With opening internship programs and vacancies to which only old workers will be hired or preferred highest, we can say that it is the creation of a history providing a way to the future.

Why should any company attract or hire old workers?

  • They hold higher level of skill sets and experience gained from practice
  • The tendency to take an off is lower making their stay in jobs a long-term scene
  • In old workers we can see that the work ethics maintained is really high
  • With all those years of experience held by them their knowledge base and networks will be pretty strong
  • They would help in training and equipping the team including multi-generational members to face and take in the new challenges and changes as they did
  • They would help the entity stimulate their reputation and credibility among the client market and the job market as well making them an essential part of the brand.

So how can the old workers be attracted and retained?

  • With respect to the employees who had been working with the company since many a year and have reached the retirement age, can be retained within the entity by assigning them a position which would get things relaxed for them at a compensation package mutually agreed between the employee and the management. This position should be a value adding ne not just to the company but also the old worker as an employee.
  • Bring in paid internship programs which can be taken up by the experienced old lads out in the job market, giving them a place to use their wise and also build a social network widening the current one.
  • Training the employees to fill the technology gap or skill gap that might be experienced by them due to the generation gap and the advancement of the technology and new changes taking place.
  • Utilize them to connect with the consumers and even the employees such that there is an establishment of a two-way process where the old worker is able to connect with them and also develop them while strengthening himself.
  • The entity can also come up with new opportunities which would bring in the experienced old workers to the entity such that they can be appointed for training the employees with the experience they have already gained.

With a lot of free time and less errands to run, we can say that the retiring and old workers would be able to give you and business a good value addition. And this also requires certain adjustments and working from your side as the employer so as to equip them stay in tact with the developments knowing what is exactly being expected from them and how they can do this with a flexible schedule and position where they would be mostly comfortable with working not affecting their age and retirement life being run.


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