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Differences between People Ops and HR


Differences between People Ops and HR

Peoples OPS or Peoples Operations is basically the management of the human resource or employees within the organization. It is one part of the HR Management which is focusing not just on the employee management but also their development, retention and level of productivity and engagement.
But people OPS is the new method of managing the employees and is replacing the traditional HR practices as its major aim is to build tools that will optimize the HR practices. Unlike HR, People OPS is focusing on how the value and efficiency of the human resource owned by the entity can be utilized. The traditional HR practices are majorly focusing on the ways to reduce expenditure on resource along with ensuring the compliance of labour laws and other applicable laws.
The People OPS is all about making major business decisions by giving employees the freedom and space while the traditional HR practices simply carry out the decisions which are made and communicated by the top management.

Differences Between People OPs and HR

Traditional HR People OPs
It is only working in the back end and not having an upfront functionality Developing and deploying policies which would improve the total experience of the employees
They only establish the directions which were provided by the leadership management It is functioning continuously for improving the culture of the organization
They work on a reactive mode as they handle issues as and when they are arising or occurring rather than understanding and addressing it before hand It focuses and discusses the values and cultures of the company
It is focusing on enforcing the policies, and also complying with the applicable laws and regulations It provides education to employees , enhance skill sets and values through training

Importance of People OPs in Digital Workplace

With the advancement of the digital workplace most of the employees are working from home or their own personal space other than the organization place. Due to this it is important that the employees are developed to work on their own and maintain the highest level of productivity and efficiency while working in such spaces. And for this it is not possible and viable to use the traditional HR practices, and it should be using the People OPS.

Key Priorities of People OPS

Some of the key priorities of People OPS would be the employee development by mapping their journey cycle within the entity and providing recognition along with ensuring of a continuous engagement.
The entity should also connect the employee performances individually with goals of company and also gain the trust of the employees. And the next priority of the People OPS would be an effective change management and also the culture development and transformation.
So, in short, we can say that the Popole OPS is much more than the traditional HR and helps the entity manage the employees’ journey with the company developing a good people strategy and increasing the value of the employees. With all this it is actually equipping the entity achieve some wider goals as an organization.


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