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Disadvantages of Sole Proprietorship in India


A sole proprietorship is a standout among st the most widely recognized sorts of business element in India. The absence of strategy for Sole Proprietorship Registration and negligible consistence necessities make sole proprietorship a perfect element for little business in India. Nonetheless, with the presentation of LLPs and OPC in India, expanding legitimate mindfulness and association of commercial enterprises/organizations in India by the Government, more business visionaries are deciding on LLP or Private Limited Company or One Person Company. In this article, we audit a percentage of the significant burdens of a sole proprietorship firm in India.

Management of sole proprietorship

A Sole Proprietorship is claimed and oversaw by the Proprietor. The Proprietor alone is in charge of administration of the sole proprietorship and is in charge of all business exchanges of the proprietorship firm. Exchange of possession or going down of business as a going worry to his/her lawful beneficiaries is likewise a lumbering procedure in a Proprietorship the same number of the licenses or enrollments for the sake of the proprietor can’t be exchanged.

Sole Proprietorship Capital

In a sole proprietorship firm, there is no qualification between the capital of the proprietorship firm and the proprietor’s assets. Accordingly, the assets of the proprietor and proprietorship are one and the same. Sole proprietorship’s likewise can’t raise value capital or have accomplices. Likewise, banks and monetary establishments loan to proprietorship strictly when a careful due-tirelessness as there is no refinement between the benefits of the business and the advantages of the proprietor. Along these lines, the gathering pledges capacity of a business keep running as a proprietorship firm is extremely restricted.
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Sole Proprietorship Liability

A sole proprietorship firm is not thought to be a different lawful element. The benefits and liabilities of the sole proprietorship and the proprietor are viewed as one and the same. Thusly, the proprietor is held by and by obligated for the liabilities of the sole proprietorship firm. This opens the Proprietor to boundless obligation from the business, while in a LLP or a Private Limited Company or One Person Company, the risk of the Proprietor is restricted to the capital.

Continuing the business

A proprietorship business doesn’t have congruity as it lawfully reaches an end with the passing or crippling of the proprietor. Subsequently, the business progression or length of time of a sole proprietorship firm is constrained dissimilar to a LLP, Private Limited Company or One Person Company.