Five Key Ideas to Make Your Blog Incredible


With the outlook that content is king, many people occupy themselves as bloggers with writing and releasing new content regularly. A blog is nothing but an online notebook where you can create or write on it and publish it. The blog can be about a single topic or varieties of topics and it completely depends on the writer. 
There are many different types of blogs like Travel blog, Fashion blog, Cookery blog, etc . Even, there are many online businesses which hold their own blogs to inform their customers about their updates. Now, blogging is considered as one of the marketing tools to spread information about the business. And it is also a tool to earn money by increasing the number of readers or subscribers and by having good traffic. 
However, not all blog can become famous or earn money, the blog should be in such a way to become popular among online readers. To attract more readers or subscribers, the blog should have some kind of special and attractive features. 

Blog is Content

Yes! Blog is all about content and people are interested in the information present in the blog but how do your blog will stand out from other bunch of blogs of same niche? How do you make your blog incredible and how do you give a personality to your blog that tends the readers to come back again and again. And, it should not happen just because your blog has good design or trendy theme, apart from all these, your blog should have many other important aspects to get a good impression from the readers that should there for long run.
A perfect blog is a blog which convert viewers to readers and later readers to subscribers. It will not only attract more viewers but more readers, especially faithful readers. Not the design and the theme of the blog will encourage your readers to visit your blog, it is the content which is important to attract the readers and to increase your ranking in the Blog world.
A good blog shows the blogger’s personality, views, concerns interest and so on. If you are a blogger you should be professional in your work to make your blog look incredible.
Here are 5 proven ways to make your blog look incredible and more professional. Use these ways to make your blog the best and be a successful blogger.

Declutter – Put the thing in place

Yes, first and foremost thing is before thinking about making your blog incredible and more attractive, you have to take care of the clutter that present in your blog page. Clean all those unnecessary stuff in your blog, observe all those stuff dancing around your blog pages which may come with the theme, delete the unwanted ones. This unwanted stuff not only make your blog look less attractive, but it also makes your blog to load very slowly
Therefore, organize your blog with extra care and create a clutter-free and attractive blog as it provides your readers a great experience. Use this reorganization tips to make your blog clutter free: headlines, headline images, tagline, tags, categories, sidebar, pages, and so on.

Limit the Advertisements

Avoid more advertisements in your blog as it may annoy the readers to read your content completely. Let us consider, when someone clicks a link on facebook or twitter to land in a blog because of the catchy and attractive topic and after reaching the blog or attempt to read the content but regrettably if it is crowded with many ads, pop ups, video ads etc. obviously the person will lose interest in reading the content and he will come out of the blog. Then, the person will search for other blog which has the similar topics. So, it is better to design your blog by avoiding these annoying popup ads, slide-in ads, and text ads which keeps distracting the readers.
There are experts who even encourage the bloggers not to add any ads on their blog. Avoiding ads completely is not needed; just limit your blog ads to attract more readers.

Observe your Blog Design

Instead of having colorful, beautiful, elegant, or sophisticated blog design your blog in such a way to should represent your personality that should be attractive yet special. Observe and understand the things that you need to optimize are header, footer, website navigation, sliders, widgets, fonts and typography, search bar, sidebar content, and so on.

Attractive and Informative Content

The content is the king. So always write your content very carefully. Writing attractive content does not mean that it should be aesthetically beautiful content, but it should be informative and readable content.
Some people have great ideas but they may be poor in their writing skills, so they may struggle to write and to convey what their ideas are. But, it is not a permanent fact you can change it with practice and you can even go for writing services where you can learn to write content and if you are passionate enough, you can learn it very quickly and can become a great writer. Writing content that conveys the information in simple, clear and error-free English is enough to grab the readers. 
And, while adding the image, don’t just go for Google search and choose images in a random manner, instead choose the image which conveys the same message that your content is conveying. It is better to use Royalty-free pictures so, there won’t be any copyright issues.
Write a better and attractive headline, which should convey what the content is all about. It should also be in a way that the headlines should attract the readers to read the content. You can make you content to interact with the readers by adding an attractive call to encourage the readers to give comments, feedback, and to subscribe.

Add Social Media Buttons in your Blog

Adding social media icons in your blog helps in blog’s search engine optimizations which means it can increase your blog’s engagement level and also allows your readers to be connected with your directly via interactive options like comments, feedbacks, etc and the content can also be shared with their friends.
A simple email opt-in will encourage the readers to send emails to interact and can subscribe to receive updates from your blog regularly. Adopt all these tips in blog to make your blog more attractive and incredible.


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