List Of Fun Factors Being Followed By Corporates Across The World


Gone are those days when office culture is all about sitting at a desk and peeping on a computer. Today’s office culture has shuffled to a greater extent and following a bare new trend to make the employees feel good about the workplace and letting them be more productive as well. These trends include a wide range of physical activities, intellectual games, and other sporting events now and then. Feels strange and eager to know all of those? Cool then, here are the fun factors to be adopted in a corporate; Employers and HR. 

Scavenger Hunt

Pick a beautiful day, split your employees into groups, and have a scavenger hunt in and around office space. Here, you can organize yourself, or use some creative services; which lists companies like HBO, Netflix, and Facebook. Doing so, the team would feel rejuvenated and nice after some fun challenges and fresh air. Make sure each take several quick pictures to have a slideshow to look at it whenever one feels too low.


This is a culinary team-building fun activity that could either end in a dessert or disaster -in a cool way. Cooking new dishes together requires team bonding and creativity and each to put their leadership skills into action with other co-mates. Simply, divide your team into smaller groups, select a food category, and make a challenge to other teams to cool something too delicious. The category of food could be anything from creamy dish to salsa, to the chicken gravy.  A twist you could add on it. Yes, pick one single ingredient that every team must use, like orange or mutton, have every team get creative with the food shape.

Board Game Tournament

One best way to spark the team members intellectual and gaming sides without having to leave the office is the Boardgame tournament. Conduct a team board game tournament like Carrom or Chess. If your team is too big, it would be easier to pick any single game, then to have people sign in for different time slots when they are available after the work and spend some good time playing the board game. Some of the board game choices you have are Carrom, Chess, Business, and Ludo. Never forget to intimate and supply prizes for first, second and third. 

Office Trivia

Do you think trivia only takes places at a bar or a party? Not at all. Office trivia is the perfect way to collide a large group of colleagues together and give a challenge to their brain in areas that don’t explore more in their day to day jobs. Split the employees into a team of three or more and offer some valuable prizes for the teams who score the many points.
You can write own trivia questions. For reference, trivia questions are usually sorted into categories of three or four trivia questions per category with a bonus question at the end of each game. While you can give a point value to each question, you can also indulge each team some amount of points for every category that they can bet. All the teams can then bet as many as they wish or as few points as they need per question until all their points they have used for a specific category.
Not willing to create your own trivia questions? So, hire an organization which hosts a trivia night at your workspace. There are a lot of national trivia companies who would help be grateful to host an event at your office any time.

Karaoke Night

Is there a better way to get your employees to break out of their nutty shells than to have them wake up from their regular desk activities and make them sing some karaoke? Even you can have some contests for the best group karaoke performance in the office. Bonus points can be provided if any team performs the way professional. Honestly! This karaoke works best for an extroverted group, hence if the team isn’t on stage, pick another idea which caters the introverted to bring on to the stage.

The “Suddenly” Story

Have you ever said stories around a campfire during scouting time? Then you might have got a chance to have been said a variation of The Suddenly Story. This fun activity is all about choosing your adventurous book of team building activities. Not just telling a story, you are finding a way to piecing a story together with the bare imaginations of your teammates.
To start telling  The Suddenly Story, initially, gather your teammates in a circular shape, and give them the first three sentences to a story about whatever; It could be anything. After letting the three sentences, say “Suddenly in loud voice” and start to pass the story onto the teammate next to you. Then, It is their work to process the game to take the three sentences and build an awesome story with the other three sentences, followed by “Suddenly”. Each time when “Suddenly” is mentioned, the game permits the story to take a turn. What that turn looks like is depending upon the person next to you and how he plays.
Suddenly, a funny Story game helps teammates find multiple ways of importing on content that come before them, while also bringing their creative skills to notch up when every other ear is on them. You can try this game, the next time when you need to get your department or team together for a break, and you are much sure to make everyone laugh.

Jigsaw Puzzle Race

To put together as a sole person, Jigsaw puzzles can be much tedious thing. You are supposed to have one set-up at home and make progress on it every day for a couple of hours. Align all your brilliant colleagues on the case and a jigsaw puzzle turns to be a funny problem-solving challenge. Divide the teams into groups for a multi-puzzle race, and suddenly you have a code of teamwork that ignites and sparks the entire office.
Grab some copies of the identical jigsaw puzzle and light up your office weekend activity into a contest to find which team can finish off the puzzle first. Offer prizes just like you would plan in a game of office trivia. But be sure every team has the same number of people and choose the size of the puzzle wisely. A 500-piece puzzle, for example, might be time-consuming for a team of just four to five people.

The Egg Drop Challenge

There are chances you have played this in summer camp or school. The Egg Drop Challenge is an ancient tradition that challenges a team of kids to make some small structures around an uncooked egg to protect the eggs from falling onto hard ground. Every team has given specific products or things they can use to build the structure which protects the egg, but nothing more. So, in this game concept why don’t you give your team a contest with prizes for winners.
Tape, cardboard, straws, and newspaper are some common items provided during the Egg Drop Challenge. For all your teammates, give then even more challenging task and allow them to use only the things that are available into the office premises. The length of the fall is up to you, too yet be sure to keep an attitude that is consistent to each team must work with the materials. 

Sneak a Peek

What can you get when you add the game of Pictionary to assess the memory? Sneak a Peek. In this fun game, teammates should break off into many groups of at least 5 and take turns recreating any objects from memory.
Using LEGOs, the one game leader will craft a structure for every group to recreate. The members of every group then have 10 seconds to sneak a peek at the structure then return to their teams, and describing what they have seen to their team members, so they can easily recreate it.
Every group has their own LEGOs, so after a minute of creating the new structure, it isn’t complete with that, another member of a group sneaks a 10-second peek at the leader’s structure and comes back to further intricate the group. This swirl continues until a team is sure, they have re-created the item picture perfect. The object of the game is just which is the first group recreating it.
This games not only aid the employees’ practice project management it also shows you how to carry out the tasks at the workplace with inputs from a variety of sources. In the end, the game ensures a funny way to lookout how good your co-workers are in information keeping skills. 

Two Truths and a Lie

One of the classic house party game this is. But it is also an excellent option when it comes to integrating your co-workers who don’t know one another very well yet.
Start organizing a group into a circular format and give choice to every person on the floor to introduce themselves. In addition to their name, all the employees are supposed to tell three things about themselves in which two of them are true; It is up to the teammates over there to guess it out the one statement that is lie. 


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