How to Market and Promote your Online Store



Are you wondering how to market and promote your online store?

All set, now you have a new online store with products but how the shoppers know your online store is live on the internet. And how you are going to attract visitors? Very Simple! Advertise your online store. It is not like publishing ads, you have to do more than that to market or to drive traffic and make sales on your online store.
There are many different ways to drive traffic, bring leads, conversions, sales, and to gain profits. Finding paths to encourage visitors to consumers and to purchase from your online store can be challenging, even for a well-established online store or even for the online store which has all the products exactly what customers need and when they need it.
In fact, generating visitors or traffic and leads to the online store is the leading challenge faced by almost all online store today. Here are some of the ideas by which you can market and develop your online store.

Invest in Google AdWords

Google AdWords is one of the fastest ways to generate traffic to your online store but you have to pay for it. Fortuitously, it is not very costly, even those on a throttled budget can go for it as you can customize your ads according to your preference in Google AdWords.
The pay-per-click advertising method is specially designed by Google AdWords to market any online store effectively and it’s affordable too. This means that you have to pay only if your ad is clicked by someone or viewed your video or when someone make calls to your business.
There are different ways and modes in online advertising that helps to make your online store popular among the viewers, following are some of the online advertising strategies:

  • Advertise your video ads on YouTube and decide on your audience depending on their interests or demographics data such as age and location.
  • Create attractive text ads or banners and showcase them in Gmail, in apps, or on websites.
  • Exhibit your online store’s ads in Google search results
  • Market your online store’s app in Android and iOS devices

It is very important to track the performance and functioning of your ad campaigns properly and optimize your online store accordingly to boost your sales. There are a few cases where Google Analytics fails to track or locate your ad campaigns, which results in less effective. Therefore it is always better to track ads carefully and add proper parameters to your landing page URL. And most importantly, create your pay-per-click budget before making your online store live so you can fix it in your allotted budget.

Content is an Asset

Andrew McLoughlin of Colibri Digital Marketing says “When it comes to online stores, we’ve always had the biggest successes promoting our clients through content marketing,”
The Content of your site plays a prominent role in driving traffic. Publishing informative, consistent, valuable, and well-rounded enjoyable content brings tons of traffic to your online store. Regrettably, though 92% of digital marketers believe that blog posts or content is an asset to the success of their online business, but only half of them have adopted the way of producing content on their sites remaining all are not very much bothered about the content. There are sites which never rewritten their content for quite a long time which won’t help.
Your online store is not all about marketing products and services. Actually, most customers are looking for more than just an online store to buy from. This is the reason, why starting a blog supporting your online store is a great idea to give your consumers more than what they want. Additionally, great content informs the customers about your online store in a brief way such as their offers, discounts, new arrivals and so on. And the content can be a reason for consumers to come back to your online store more than once.
Writing and publishing content on product reviews, news pieces, reviews, tutorials, and other informative contents will inform and encourage people to visit your online store. Importantly, make sure your content is simple and informative. People usually love the content that is useful to them, especially if it relates to their shopping decisions.

Advantage of SEO

If you are planning to add content into your online store marketing plan to increase the traffic, it’s very important that you should understand the role of SEO in marketing and promoting your online store.
SEO is a very significant marketing tool which helps your online store ‘get found’ in internet world. This tool helps your online store to come in the first list of search engine – search results in which people are interested in visiting. You have to do a lot at once, when it comes to SEO. However, starting from the basics will let travel in the right direction.
Have a look on the basics of SEO:

  • Include keywords related to your online store in your blog
  • Add external links in your blog content directing to relevant pages or products in your online store
  • Design your online store with internal links so Google indexes your whole website
  • Add elaborated meta descriptions
  • Create your online store sitemap and submit it in all major search engines
  • Add relevant keywords and descriptions on all product images in your online store
  • Optimize your online store to do best in internet at top speeds
  • Build links directing to your content from well-established sites

Take your time to do all or at least a few of the basic SEO tricks to help your online store ‘get found’ in the search engine results and to drive good traffic.

Submit Guest Blogs

It is also about the content. Create and submit a killer content or article about your online store to other blogs which are popular in the same niche. This type of content marketing is necessary to attract new people to visit your online store and it also generates more traffic to your site.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best and effective methods to market and promote your online store.
One of the most occurred mistakes in marketing online store is while focusing on attracting new customers, you forget about the older ones. And that is not good, you should always keep in touch with your existing customers in all available ways. One of such ways is email marketing, through which you can email them regularly to inform your offers, new products, new changes or any informative message that appeals your customers to visit your online store again and again.
You can launch a variety of email campaigns to attract new customers who have never visited your online store or never purchased from your online store before.
There are email marketing tools available, from which you can create a personalized email to market and address the needs of each and every customer. For instance, you can attract new visitors with variety of sign up offers and discounts, sending personalized promotional campaigns to hold the existing customers, and so on.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the best platform to market your online store. Most of the people from teens to working people to house wives to retired elders all are engaged in social media. Therefore, marketing your online store through social media is one of the best and easy way to attract customers. Facebook, twitter, instagram are some of the best social media platforms to post your ads, feeds and video content to drive traffic to your online store.

Influence marketing

Our addiction to social media is the main reason for this new concept of Influencer Marketing. Initially, it was just a movie or sports celebrities who had a major influence on public, but now, it is not the same, times have changed, even a normal layperson can become an influencer if he has the capacity to grab the people with his/her post, photos, videos using social media.
So, the marketing techniques also changed according to the present scenario. Now, Influencer Marketing has become one of the latest marketing gimmicks due to its fastest reach. Almost all the businesses are utilizing social media addiction in a productive way to promote their online store  and to reach the public.

Start a Referral Program

Adding a referral program to your online store is an easy way to market and to gain more customers. For example, there are online stores which offer customers the chance to invite friends to sign up in exchange for discounts and offers.
Offer incentives or discounts to your existing customers for sharing their favorite products with their friends and family through email and social media platforms, such as free shipping, free gifts or some percentage of credits on their future purchases and so on.
We hope that these proven online marketing strategies will help you in generating more traffic and in promoting your online store that in turn increase your sales.

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