You are currently viewing Pseudo Colleagues Driving You “Up the Wall”? – Chillax, Team Kanakkupillai  is at your rescue!!

Pseudo Colleagues Driving You “Up the Wall”? – Chillax, Team Kanakkupillai is at your rescue!!


Pseudo Colleagues Driving You “Up the Wall”? 

In the 13 years of my enriching corporate experience – if there is one thing that I have mastered completely is “The Art of Dealing with Pseudo – Oh So Friendly in the Face Colleagues”. You name the Industry and they are there! Office Meetings, corridor discussions, cafeterias – they just seem to know their way into getting under your skin and giving you sleepless nights. After years of fretting, worrying and getting anxious about these folks, I figured out this Friends – It had to stop! So one fine morning on my way to work, I decided to wear my creative hat and started my journey of dodging their bullets very diplomatically. And Lo & Behold! It began to work. Now I must tell you that it didn’t come to me very naturally because by my very temperament I am not the jibing colleague. But I realized sometimes it is extremely important to put people back in their places even our own bosses – where they just know that they cannot, rather they should not be messing with us.

On that note Friends, Let me help you get to a stress free zone by sharing my secret “Bullet Dodging” recipe with you all- Number 1 – “JUST Focus on your Performance” –

Let your work speak for you! If you are responsible for any activity in your team/department, irrespective of the role that you play– aim to become so good at it that you should be the “Go to Person” for any employee in your company seeking advice on that particular job! The respect and camaraderie that you earn for your good work will help keep these mongers at bay.

Number 2 –“STAY off the Gossip Grid

No matter how tempting the cafeteria/coffee gossip sessions about the boss or management sound – trust me Friends; staying far from them is the best gift you can give yourselves. Sometimes even being a mute spectator or innocent non-voluntary remarks you might make in these discussions will land you in big time trouble.

Number 3 – “DODGE the Personal Remarks

The very fact that someone would like to take a jibe at you in public with personal remarks is good enough reason for you to believe that your presence or performance makes them insecure & uncomfortable. They are looking at opportunities to evoke an emotional reaction from you in public. Here’s what you do to deal with them “At that Moment”-


That’s right. Instead you smile at them, ignore their comments & steer the group’s attention onto
another topic either with a joke or a serious concern about the team/work/company. Once they know they don’t have your attention, believe me friends – they will either get bored or frustrated with you & eventually begin to leave you alone!

So, Worry no More Friends! Just follow the sleek art of dodging and before you know it, you will be one of the most trusted/respected employees in your team/company.

Until then Keep Dodging & Keep Trending!



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