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Input Service Distributor (ISD) under GST

Input Service Distributor (ISD) under GST ISD or Input Service Distributor is a taxpayer under the GST. They are required to distribute the GST Input Tax Credits or ITC which is available to the taxpayer under the GSTIN or registered number to its branches. Here the units or branches to which the ISD is distributed […]

GST On Merchant Exporters 

GST On Merchant Exporters  Merchant Export is an activity by a trader who is exporting or is having an intention to export goods. And such trader who is engaged in the exporting activity is known as Merchant Exporters. Here the export is major of goods and not services. Mostly the exporter would not be having […]

GST Tax Invoice, Debit note and Credit note

GST Tax Invoice, Debit note and Credit note in India Invoicing plays a vital purpose In regards to the execution of the transaction. On every single sale/acquire an invoice is issued from the supplier i.e person earning the sale. The Bill is made up of S.No, specifics of solution like product identify, description, amount, and […]

Provisional GST Identification Number

Provisional GST Number in India Every business entity which is getting registered under Goods & Services Tax will be provided a unique identification number known as GSTIN or GST Identification Number. Every dealer which is registered under the state VAT law occupies a personal TIN number which is assigned to him by the state tax department. […]
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