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Nasty Boss giving you a Tough Time!!


One would be surprised to know the number of people visiting astrologists & numerologists; just because their supervisors or managers have been giving them a tough time at work! Hopefully you are not one of them !! A nasty boss can be a real pain for obvious reasons. For starters, …

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Consistent Leadership Earns One Natural Respect


At one point or another in their professional careers, most people in leadership roles find themselves challenged by lack of respect from their team/s! If you have ever been plagued by this scenario, this article is for you. If not, the Kanakkupillai Team applauds you for being an exemplary leader …

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Who says All Leaders are Born, Some are made Along the Way!


One of the most misunderstood notions in the corporate world is that a person is a born leader. This leads to yet another commonly followed myth by the management folks categorizing their team members either into “Leadership Material” or “Not Leadership Material”. The Kanakkupillai team is here to bust this …

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