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How to Trademark a Logo

How to Trademark a Logo? The first thing that you will need to do is make sure that no one else is already using the same logo. Complete a trademark search by going to the United States Trademark Electronic Search System (TESS). This is an online database of trademark registration …

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Definition of Trademark

Definition of trademark

Definition of Trademark A Trade mark [TM] is defined under Section 2(zb) of the Indian Trademarks Act, 1999 as mark capable of being represented graphically and which is capable of distinguishing the goods or services of one person from those of others and may include a shape of goods, their …

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Trademark vs Patent: Everything You Need to Know

trademark character

Trademark vs Patent What Is a Trademark? A trademark is a word, name, phrase, or logo that identifies a product or service and helps distinguish it from that offered by the competition. Trademarks can be established through actual use in the marketplace, though they can also be registered with the …

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What Does a Trademark Protect?

how much does a trademark cost

What Does a Trademark Protect? Your trademark is a valuable asset to your business.  It represents your brand and distinguishes you from your competitors.  The legal rights that come with having a trademark registration online are essential to your long-lasting success in the marketplace. Choose a Strong Mark from the …

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Registered Trademark Symbol and Proper Use of Trademark

Registered Trademark Symbol A trademark is a word, phrase, symbol, design, color, sound, or a combination that serves to identify the source of goods or services from those of another. Trademark registration should be used and about when and how trademark symbols should be used. Why Do Trademark Symbols Exist? Trademark …

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What Are Trademarks?

What Are Trademarks? A trademark most often protects IP associated with companies, such as a word, phrase, symbol or design used to identify and promote products or services. Companies may also use a service mark, which protects their services in the same way trademarks protect their goods. Trademark registration can help …

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What Does Trademark Mean?

What Does Trademark Mean? A trademark is a unique symbol or word(s) used to represent a business or its products. Once trademark registration is registered, that same symbol or series of words cannot be used by any other organization, forever, as long as it remains in use and proper paperwork and fees …

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How Much Does a Trademark Cost?

How Much Does a Trademark Cost? The cost of your trademark application is determined by the number of goods and services classes that you nominate. These classes are selected on the basis of the types of goods and services your trademark is associated with. You cannot expand from the original …

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What is a Standard Trademark Character?

Trademark Character A word mark is simply typed in standard character format without regard to the font, style, size or color. In a trademark application for a word mark, you are essentially seeking registration of the wording (or lettering) without regard to its style, design, font or any graphic features. …

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