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It’s always an exciting factor when you have many job options to choose from, even though it is a very difficult task to decide which one to accept. When the job market shifts to an atmosphere where it is a candidate-driven, you could easily find yourself in a position to be selective about your upcoming job. Meanwhile, a Jobseeker who is in much demand, and an employee who has a strong track record of career success are often in the in-evitable position of being able to have multiple options to choose for their next job.
On the other hand, if you have the necessary skills and experience, you can afford to be picky in the job market. You could leverage your advantage to land on a job that is as close as your previous position or the role you are expecting. And, you have the provision to choose a job which is the best fit for your personal behavior, character, and career goals.
You shouldn’t pick the initial trivial job you get unless you’re damn sure that it is the perfect position of your career; for the next stage. Instead, take your own time and make sure the offer you have got now is exactly the one you’re looking for. To make this process simpler, here we have optimized a few steps to choose the best possible job; when you have an upper hand in your skills and experience.

Stay In A Job Search Mode

Always be open to opportunities and keep searching for jobs. Keeping yourself in continuous job search mode gives a green signal to recruiters that you are ready for opportunities whenever arise. Keep all the identification documents,  job relieving certificates of the previous organization on hand, updated resume, & especially your social media profile ( LinkedIn). Make sure you have mentioned all the successes of your current job on at least a monthly basis and add them into the resume. In other cases, if your skillsets are costly, employers will often provoke and come after you, so always be ready to respond to them with the appealing note.

Create A Profile of Your Ideal Job And Employer

Creating a better profile will help you find attractive positions & pass on other jobs that you don’t think would be a good fit for your expectations. Choose what kind of employer would be the best suit for your performance and lifestyle. To make this possible, think about the attributes of your past and current jobs that have given you the utmost happiness and write them down. Ask yourself: what are all the activities that satisfies your current job & what are all the factors that you wish to avoid in the next job, what are all the things mandatory for you to maintain the work-life balance, what’s your kind of work culture expectation and the type of work that you wish to do.

What Else Would You Like In A Job?

You must also consider the fact that what could be missed from your current job or employer. For instance, if you are a person who enjoys planning events or you doing more event planning in your current role? Perhaps, your current employer offers you several opportunities for advancement, else your employer provides you with much freedom to make decisions on your own & plan the workflow process.

Consider Your Perfect Job

Make some time available for you to do career assessments to identify your pros and cons, values, interests, and personality traits that you want to improve for getting placed in the ideal job you wish. To be more precise, you must seek help from a career counsellor, if you are one among the others who are struggling to find the key aspects of your ideal career.

Know Your Worth

The other advantages of being in much-needed profiles to recruiters are the opportunities to upgrade your compensation. Browse and find your market value through various sites that provide data on salary, surveys by the professional organization, formal and informal networking with other professionals, and review this tips with your skills and determine your worth to demand with a recruiter stating valid reasons.

Do You Need More Money?

If you think or wish to make more money, don’t hesitate to ask for a raise and at the same time, search for other jobs that give you higher compensation. In fact, several employers match the offer and remuneration with other organizations. But, during unavoidable circumstances, the compensating payments or a job change might be the only left-out option to secure your career. At the same time, make sure that you maintain a healthy relationship with the current employer if you are not going to change your job soon. This is a precaution for you to not to lose your job; before having another offer letter.

Get More Skills

If your desired job role demands you to possess some unique skills or knowledge, or you wish to expand your values in the current organization, explore whether you are capable for it; if not you should take up some courses and develop the skill sets. On the other hand, your employer would be more flexible than you imagine in modifying the job roles; could be pro as well as con depending on the skillset you possess. If you have ample skills it is a pro to you, if you lack skills it is obviously cons.

Help Recruiters Find You

Usually, when it is scarce for employees, employers become pro-active and start to recruit passive candidates. They will be moving to a consultancy or a search firm to fish candidates. Some employers use LinkedIn to trap candidates on their own. So, consider utilizing recruiters to help find an ideal job, but you should make sure they don’t surpass your career goals to meet their supply of jobs being promoted. Hence, it is recommended to develop a complete professional LinkedIn profile (unlike Facebook), keep it updated, so the next job of yours will find you even before you find it.

It Is  Okay To Say, “No Thanks.

Never be afraid to drop an ordinary job offer. If you have skills and possess technical knowledge or creativity, your demand is huge in the job market. It is an in-direct sign that many offers will find its way to reach you on time. At the same time, you must be composed in your current workplace, until you find something worth to leave the current organization. Sometimes, excessive job-hopping can become an endangered sign to your resume, so be wise in applying for a job as well as rejecting it.

Tap Your Connections

Reach out your networks and LinkedIn contacts for information, advice, and suggestions about jobs, current job trends. Share your profile to them for an ideal job and indulge them to recommend for the open positions within your sector in the organization they work. During employee scarcity, companies often pay their current employees a bonus for new employee onboard referrals; recommendations in a specific mail format from current staff are usually given more consideration under any circumstances.

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