Tips to Become an Expert in your Profession


Whether you’re a single person, consulting a business or a 2000 people manufacturing unit, you would have spent ample years developing the core knowledge to be successful in your career. But, why don’t you become an expert on the profession; having leadership skills and sound knowledge. With this, even you can gain celebrity status in your marketplace, aware of it?
Once you are an expert in any field, it can widen the silver doors for higher remuneration jobs and other marketing space opportunities like engagement in speaking that can grow your career, business and ignite your success even more. But, becoming an expert is not an easy task, so here Kanakkupillai has given you a set of tips to be followed.

  • Get out there and speak to more people

One of the best things you can ever do is to be more conspicuous to the crowd; to become an expert. And, you eventually look for more people to recognize and notice you being an expert. Hence, make sure you voluntarily step out to people and interact upon the interest of a common man.
Though public speaking might look scary too many of you people, we ensure that some practise and participation will help you out in many ways. Put efforts to make yourself more open to others. You may also look at the inspirational & motivational speeches available on YouTube to become better in your field.

  • Interact with those who are successful

The second thing you should be doing is to speak to the people to whom you can master your specific professional skills. There are several successful people out there on LinkedIn where you can reach out to them to have your skill developed. Once getting closer to them professionally, you should be constantly attending their gigs and seminars to learn the updated skills in your profession. This will help you attain a better perspective on life & to improve yourself in front of a greater audience- becoming an expert you wanted to be always.
They will help you gain a better perspective on life and what you can be done in order to improve yourself in front of the audience and become the expert you have always wanted to. Try looking on the ways in which you can become successful like them by their behaviour too.

  • Take some time off to prepare yourself

The third tip you should try is to take some time in order to prepare yourself. Initially, focus on the way how you speak with others & find a way to better it & improve them. Then, look out to improve your voice projection, make yourself more appealing to the audience.
Keep spend some time alone every day, a better opportunity will always come here and there. Just be sure that you are practicing and rehearsing constantly every day. That is really the most important thing you must be doing to become an expert in your profession!

  • Try to get yourself on the radio

If you want a medium to radio to interview you being an expert, prefer radio or television and speak to the host of the show. You can get all the necessary information about the shows along with the contact mode and the e-mail address on the official website itself. While you are speaking to the host on the show also let them know why you are apt for this show and how well you can help others to upskill people’s knowledge in the field.

  • Think of other ways to get in touch with people

In this Digital age, the radio & TV are not the only way to communicate, to get in touch with people; Social media is also there. You can prefer Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and several other platforms where people can have the communication to you to and fro. You can speak to any person who has been a part of many big events that often take place in your city. Try to get an invitation, you might never know where it can go far!

  • Come up with a plan/strategy

Now, this is a technique that will help you out definitely in the long run. If you want to become an expert & influential person, you need to focus and come up with distinct strategies, the plans that are suitable for your expertization and the end up with the one that will work out. You must scribble it down on a piece of paper and then should move to an expert to evaluate the value of your plan.
Doing so, this will not only alarm that what you are doing but also help you achieve the goal at a faster pace. You must always outline and execute the plan so that you can get a proper output which is far more provoking than anything else.

  • Use the internet for help

The Internet has a lumpsum of opportunities for those who would like to explore as well as to learn. There is a bunch of information available in adequate quantity. Not just that will help you learn new things but also help to gain more insights and new technological developments about the different versions of your field that could take you a long way.
You could also use the search engine optimization (SEO) tools to track the topics required to learn & check the topics which could give you enough information about what you are planning to learn exactly. They will also help you know about the stuffs that are new and how you can put it up to make use of it in the future. 

  • It’s okay to be slow but keep trying!

Often when you try to become an expert in any field, remember that slow and steady can win you the race quite comfortably. They can mold you and present you to become & be the best in the market. People who rush always might not be cope up to get what they required on time!
Not just rushing up can end up in making bigger errors but also a lot of people go through a tough time trying to achieve the dreams (becoming an expert) quicker and in some in-direct ways. So, if you want to avoid such scenarios, be slow but be steady.

  • Focus on the small parts

Very people pretend to please everyone when they are trying to become experts. In case, you are one of them, then you should stop this process right there. Always remember that doing a whole lot of things at on the go are not the healthiest thing to do, especially when you are dealing with clients or other experts.
You should start to focus on a smaller amount of people. This focus tactic always help you understand things better in a better way, so you will be able to boost your marketing and technical skills. Alongside, you will be improving the art of speaking to people in a pleasing and appealing way.

  • Try to feature in a guest blog or something

Several media outlets are constantly searching for people in the industry from whom they can adapt something and help others by sharing the knowledge as well. So, rather than thinking they will get some expert for their outlets, you must go and pitch your few of the publications and offer yourself. Check, if any guest blogs are willing to feature you.
If you are contagious and determined, there will be a plenty of blogger and blog series who can help you out in this. In addition to this, remember that you will be often focusing on educating kids, teenagers, and working professionals as well. This is because you are not here to become a brand, but an expert in your field.

  • Teach someone as a practice

To stop making you panic, we first tell you that this is far easy than you put up multiple things on your head. There are many start-ups these days that let experts & people who want to be an expert like you connect with their employees to share knowledge and to learn many new updated stuffs.
You can conduct online classes and sometimes in a hall and it will surely help you to be an expert. On the other hand, it is a great way to learn new things, absorb yourself from the other people and become the expert that you wanted to become. People who are growing as start-up entrepreneurs are always eager to learn and share new things, hence you can also meet them and share your personal experiences.

  • Want to become a leader? Behave like a leader!

To an expert, you should learn to behave like one. Always be open to learning something new in your field. Observe and explore yourself. Share what your learnings with people who seek to learn from you. In case, you have either invented or discovered some new idea or technique, speak about it when you are conducting online sessions.
When giving a speech, talk about that as well. Your audience should know how much these things are vital to you. In such ways, people will always believe your speeches. It could help you to become an expert as well as in influencer.


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