10 Things You Can Learn to 10x Your Productivity

Productivity at the workplace is one common thing that has been spoken across the globe. Whether it an art-oriented sector or a technical domain, non-technical domain, productivity matters a lot. Employers expect their employees to deliver works on time with zero error.  But as an employee have you ever imagined what all the possible ways which you can adopt to increase the productivity rate? If yes, then great. If no! No worries,  here we have formulated the things through which one can learn in 10 minutes to increase productivity by 10x.


1. Involve a Timer

The advantage of setting a timer for your work is that it can aid you to stay focused on works and avoid further distractions.  To achieve this, you can use any of the well known android apps for getting a timer for aligning work.

2. Stay Away from the Distraction

Distraction is the first enemy of productivity. You can sit anywhere at your workplace to finish a work that requires 3,4, or even 5 hours, in spite of having 9 hours in your hand to complete the job.  You can aspire how excellent it will be to leave from the workplace earlier and spend much quality time with your friends/ family.


3. Find Out Your Major Productive Hours of Work


Everyone has a particular time in a day when they feel to be more productive, individually. This time factor varies from a person to person. Hence, you must find your best suitable productive hours and schedule your works according to this time.

4. Write Down Everything and Then Do It

Whatever you are going through, write it down everything. Whether it is something that has been stressing you out for a long time, a much-awaiting phone call, cleaning the junk message from your inbox. By planning a specific time to zoom in on these tasks, you will not be feeling relaxed.

5. Listen to Music That Gives Boost Your Productivity


Music during work looks like or considered to be a distraction, but at the same time, soft background music in the workspace background can aid you to focus more, especially while doing important work.

6. Make Yourself Accountable

Its best works at the gym, but it will also work great in increasing your productivity at your work. When an individual is counting on you to do something, you will usually or most likely to do it without any second thoughts. Therefore, when you have something too pivotal to finish, let your close ones know about the work.

7. Prioritizing Your Tasks Ahead of Time


List out all the tasks of the day in the priority-based table. This will help you in ensuring that you finish all the mandatory tasks during the working hours.

8. Self-praising – Reward Yourself for Finishing A Big Task

Irrespective of whatever you are doing, always stay motivated and is especially important in productivity. Remain motivated for the tasks that you do every day, you should reward yourself now and then.  You should celebrate your small wins and every milestone you have surpassed on a day.

9. Workout Regularly


Studies and researches have told that any kind of midday exercise can boost up the productivity and morale in the workplace. Even a short walk post-lunch or a simple stretch, while you are on break, can improve brain activity thus increases productivity.

10. Know-How to Say “No”

Of course, you are capable of delivering multiple things in a row. You can do everything in a day, hence it is better to communicate “No” sometimes as it will significantly save your time to a larger extent.  Saying no can be in a polite way; does not need to be rude.