It is quite normal to aim to become a Millionaire. 

1. Develop a perfect financial plan

Plan finances for clarity and millionaire goal.

2. Be Brave and Take risks

Most of the people who have become millionaires are entrepreneurs and they are the ones who never hesitated to take risks in their business and life.

3. Overcome excuses, improve the Confidence

you have to find a way or solution to keep all your diversions and excuses aside. Overcoming those excuses is not very simple as to think but you can do if you give the first priority to your goal.

4. Earn a lot of money

The main key to becoming a millionaire is to earn more, by earning more your financial level will increase. Earning more is important but saving more is also important to concentrate on making more revenue

5. Save money from your earning

Try to figure out the way how can you spend and how can you save for the future. And set your mind to be happy with what you have and what you can use.

6. Invest the money wisely

Investing is the right way to earn from your savings. You can invest your savings or profits in various business sectors that related to your main business