Beware of Aadhaar Scams: Protect Your Identity

Aadhaar Update Requests via Email or WhatsApp?

Is that update request legit or a scam? Learn how to spot the difference.

Watch Out for Aadhaar Scams

Are you receiving requests to share personal documents for Aadhaar updates? Be cautious! Scammers are active.

Official UIDAI Guidelines

The      UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) never requests POI/POA      documents via email or WhatsApp. Stay informed!

Recognizing Scams

Emails or messages asking for personal documents? Don't reply! These could be online scams targeting your identity.

Secure Aadhaar Updates

For      authentic updates, visit or a local Aadhaar center.      Keep your information safe.

Protect Your Identity

Don't fall for scams. Protect your identity by verifying sources and sharing information only on trusted platforms.

Stay      tuned for the latest news and updates about Aadhaar security. Knowledge is      your best defense against scams.