G20 Summit 2023

What is G20 Summit?

In 1999, 20 major countries united to form G20 after the Asian financial crisis. Their goal? Improved international economic cooperation to combat crises beyond national borders.

Who Forms the G20 Summit?

G20 includes 19 of the world's wealthiest nations, along with the European Union as a bloc. Meet the powerhouse countries shaping global economics.

G20 Summit Date and Location

Mark your calendar for September 9 and 10. New Delhi will host the summit at the magnificent Bharat Mandapam near India Gate.

Summit Theme - "One Earth, One Family, One Future"

Explore this year's theme emphasizing unity and sustainability. Learn about LiFE (Mission Lifestyle for Environment) and its eco-conscious focus.

G20 Priorities in 2023

India's presidency spotlights crucial topics, including loans for developing nations, debt system reform, cryptocurrency regulations, and the impact of global geopolitics on food and energy security.

As the world anticipates the G20 summit in India, stay tuned for updates on international cooperation, economic policies, and global challenges.