ITR verification: Six Ways to Verify Your Income Tax Return

1. Aadhaar OTP Verification

Verify your income tax return hassle-free using Aadhaar-based One-Time Password (OTP). Ensure your mobile number is linked to Aadhaar and registered in the UIDAI database, along with your PAN.

2. Convenient Net Banking

Explore another avenue for checking your ITR through your bank's Net Banking service. The income tax website provides a list of banks where Net Banking can be used to authenticate your income tax return.

3. EVC via Bank Account

Securely verify your ITR by generating an Electronic Verification Code (EVC) through your bank account. Pre-validate your bank account on the income tax portal to facilitate EVC creation, crucial for receiving income tax refunds.

4. EVC via Demat Account

The process of verifying ITR via a demat account mirrors that of using a bank account. Utilize this method for easy and efficient verification.

5. Offline EVC via Bank ATM

Opt for offline verification using EVC generated through a bank ATM card. This method is provided by select banks, adding an extra layer of accessibility to the process.

6. Traditional Paper Method

If electronic means don't suit your situation, you can resort to a physical approach. Send a signed copy of your ITR-V (Acknowledgement receipt) to the tax department when other options aren't feasible.