Logo Trademark: How to Do in India?

A logo trademark is a symbol or design that represents a business or product. Registering your logo as a trademark in India can provide legal protection against infringement and unauthorized use.

Before applying for a logo trademark, it's essential to check whether your logo is registered or pending registration. You can do this by searching the Indian Trademark Registry's database.

Trademark registration in India is done under 45 different classes covering different types of products and services. It's essential to choose a suitable class for your logo to ensure maximum protection.

The logo trademark application must include a clear representation of the logo, details about the owner, the class of goods or services, and the date of first use.

Once you have drafted your application, you can file it online through the Indian Trademark Registry's website. You will need to pay the applicable fees and submit the required documents.

After filing your application, you can monitor its progress online. The Trademark Registry will review your application and ask for additional information or clarification.

If your application is approved, your logo will be published in the Trademark Journal. This is an opportunity for anyone to object to your trademark registration.

If there are no objections, your logo trademark will be registered, and you will receive a registration certificate. Remember to renew your trademark every ten years to maintain its legal protection.

Registering your logo as a trademark in India can provide valuable legal protection for your business or product. Contact Kanakkupillai to trademark your Logo at an affordable cost.