NPS Investment: Active Choice vs Auto Choice

Explore NPS investment options for added tax benefits: Active Choice and Auto Choice. Let's compare these pathways to help you decide.

Active Choice: Your Portfolio, Your Way

Active Choice lets you create a personalized portfolio by allocating funds to Equity (E), Corporate Debt (C), Government Securities (G), and Alternative Investment Funds (AIF).

Auto Choice: Age-Smart Allocation

Auto Choice automates asset allocation based on age. Exposure to risk decreases while Government Securities increase over time, ensuring a balanced approach.

Active Choice Benefits

Diversify with Active Choice—customize asset allocation to match your risk appetite. Seize opportunities across sectors to potentially enhance returns.

Advantages of Auto Choice

Experience ease with Auto Choice. A predefined matrix manages allocation decisions as your portfolio adjusts with age, relieving you of daily choices.

Flexibility of Active Choice

Tailor risk exposure with Active Choice. Adjust allocations to navigate market fluctuations, aligning with your goals and preferences.

Auto Choice's Smart Risk Management

Auto Choice curbs risk as you age, securing investments against market volatility. Whether Aggressive, Moderate, or Conservative, your portfolio matches your risk tolerance.

Select based on your involvement: Active for control, Auto for simplicity. Consider goals and engagement level to align with your financial vision. Your decision shapes your financial journey. Secure your future with NPS, starting today.