Top 5 Government Schemes for Startups & MSMEs In India

Scheme 1: Startup India

Unlock the power of innovation with Startup India! This scheme offers various benefits, including funding support, tax exemptions, and a dedicated startup helpline.

Scheme 2: Standup India

Empowering entrepreneurs and promoting diversity, Standup India provides financial assistance and support to women and SC/ST entrepreneurs. If you have a game-changing idea, this scheme will help you make it a successful reality!

Scheme 3: Make in India

Join the manufacturing revolution with Make in India! This scheme encourages domestic production, job creation, and technology adoption.

Scheme 4: Digital India

Embrace the digital era with Digital India! This scheme promotes digital infrastructure, connectivity, and e-governance, enabling MSMEs to thrive in the digital landscape.

Scheme 5: Mudra Loan

Looking for financial support for your MSME? Mudra Loan is here to help! This scheme provides collateral-free loans to micro and small enterprises, empowering them to fuel their growth and create employment opportunities.