Top 5 Solar Energy Stocks in India to Invest in 2024

1. Adani Green Energy Limited (AGEL)

– One of India's largest renewable energy companies. – Diverse portfolio including solar and wind projects. – Strong commitment to sustainable energy practices.

2. Tata Power Solar Systems Limited

– Pioneer in solar manufacturing and EPC services. – Expanding solar capacity with a focus on innovation. – Part of the esteemed Tata Group.

3. Azure Power Global Limited

– Leader in solar power development in India. – Robust project pipeline and strong financial performance. – Contributing to India's clean energy goals.

4. Clean Science and Technology Limited

– Diversified chemical manufacturing with a focus on sustainability. – Venturing into solar energy with a forward-looking approach. – Aiming to contribute to the green transformation.

5. Vikram Solar Limited

– Leading solar module manufacturer in India. – Continuous innovation in solar technology. – Commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.