Who Should File GST Returns?

All businesses registered under Goods and Services Tax (GST) must file GST returns regularly. This includes manufacturers, traders, service providers, and e-commerce operators.

Businesses with an annual turnover above the specified threshold limit are required to file GST returns. The threshold limit varies for different categories of businesses and states.

Businesses involved in the inter-state supply of goods or services must file GST returns, regardless of their turnover. Inter-state supply includes transactions between different states or Union territories.

Businesses wishing to claim Input Tax Credit (ITC) on their purchases must file GST returns. By filing returns, they can offset the tax paid on purchases against the tax collected on sales.

Non-resident taxable persons, such as foreign businesses providing goods or services in India, must file GST returns for the period they are registered under GST.

Casual taxable persons, who occasionally engage in business activities in a taxable territory where they do not have a fixed place of business, must file GST returns for the duration of their operations.

Input Service Distributors, who receive invoices for input services and distribute the credit of taxes paid on those services to other branches, must file GST returns.

Businesses registered under the Composition Scheme, which offers a simplified compliance framework, must also file GST returns. However, the frequency and nature of returns may differ.

It is important for eligible businesses to file GST returns within the specified due dates. Late filing may attract penalties and interest charges, which can be avoided by timely compliance.

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