What are some jobs that surprisingly pay six figures a year?


It’s known by everyone that doctors and lawyers earn six figures, but surprisingly there are many other jobs which also pay six figures. Yes, you can make a six-figure salary using your skills and by getting a better sense of the job in which you are working.
The basic salary of most of the jobs is highly dependent on their whole month’s work but for skilled-based jobs, the total pay is earned through other forms like incentives, compensation, commission and so on. Here is list of some non-standard jobs that surprisingly pay six figures.
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Actuaries generally work with insurance companies to analyze and compile the statistical data that includes mortality, sickness, accident, disability and retirement rates.

Advertising and promotions managers

Advertising and promotions managers are the individuals who can coordinate and work on advertising campaigns for brands, products, companies or enterprises.

Air traffic controllers

Air traffic controllers are employees who authorize, regulate and control commercial airline flights as per the orders of government or company rules and regulations to hasten and ensure the safety of the flight.

Art directors

Art director jobs are a creative job and they are paid for their innovative creations and they typically involve in designing and organizing the visual communications medium like advertisements, movies, events, and merchandising and website designs.

Construction managers

The work of a construction manager is to help conceptualize and organize the construction projects in which they are working.

Computer and information research scientists

These computer scientists research scientists help in preparing and developing computational theories, software, inventions, and applications.


An Economist’s job is one of the important jobs in any country if the person is well skilled in all recent economic trends and its researches and if they are good in attempting all addressing economic issues such as the wealth inequality, distribution of goods and services, present economic scenario and monetary policy.


They are scientists who have extensive knowledge of geography, physics and mathematics and they work on the research works conducted on the structure of the earth. Geoscientists study the complete structure of earth using gravity, electrical, seismic and magnetic methods. There are various kinds of geoscientists, some study valuable minerals beneath the earth’s surface and others study on how the earth is changing. Geoscientists must be skilled at assessing sites, channeling complex research and experiments and reporting their observations, results and conclusions.

Human resources managers

Human resource managers or HR managers often manage and supervise the process of recruiting, interviewing and training of employees or workers for the company. They also usually help workers or employees with benefits from the company.

Industrial production managers

Industrial production managers manage all the manufacturing processes and procedures and facilities of the company.


Mathematicians are people who are experts in creating and developing computational and statistical models in order to deal with all practical problems or to better the theoretical concepts.
Mathematician experts can work in various fields like scientific research, technical consulting, and academia and so on.


Physicists are usually paid for their knowledge in conducting research into physical phenomena, and developing them into theories on the basis of observation, analysis and experiments, and coming up with excogitating methods to use those physical laws and theories in day today life.

Purchasing managers

Purchasing managers oversee the contracts for materials, goods and services that an organization needs.

Airline Pilot 

Airline pilots are individuals who are certified with an Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL). Their work is to operate the plane and evaluate the obstacles that interfere with the flight and the pilots should also take a responsibility role in supervising and managing their crews.

Regional Sales Executive

Regional sales executives are individuals who are well-versed in their company’s brands, product lines and shrewdly aware of the needs of their customers. With a knack for spotting opportunities, the Regional sales executives are stellar communicators and they should always be keen on how to grow their business in the trending market and to expand the customer base for their company’s product or service.

Nurse Practitioner 

With a master’s degree in nursing, Nurse practitioners are qualified individuals who can perform physical exams, treat common illness and injuries, and can prescribe some medications to the patients.

Reservoir Engineer 

The basic work of a Reservoir engineer id to identify and pursue oil and gas reserves under the ground. Their main goal is to take out the maximum amount of energy from underground without over-tapping the reservoir.  To become these professionals, you need a degree in chemical engineering and it is one of the fields which need highly technical and nuances to work.

Equity Research Associate 

Equity research associates usually research and report on financial trends by applying financial models and other analytical proficiencies. Their research, experiments, observation and reports modify other financial analysts’ efforts. Therefore this position comprises much of the rewards and excitement of investment banking, it is less demanding because of the workload that involves in generating the information.

Physician Assistant 

This particular position is just similar to a nurse practitioner (NP). Both positions need a master’s degree to practice or work, but physician assistants can earn their certificate through physician assistant programs instead of joining in nursing schools. Like nurse practitioners, Physical Assistants can also examine patients, prescribe for medical tests if needed and prescribe medications to some extent.

Drilling Engineer 

With a degree in petroleum or mechanical engineering, anyone can secure a job as a drilling engineer and can earn six figures using the skills.  These professionals work on all the plans and practices that are related to gas, oil or water drilling. They have to develop their communication skills and should always be ready to work in a team.

Software Architect

These professionals build software that helps the businesses to operate more efficiently. They take up the lead position in communicating between the systems and development in system-oriented operations. A high degree of technical savvy and good knowledge in computer program coding will help you to earn six figures easily.
Actually, taking up science or engineering is the best and smart way for your future earning potential. But there are jobs on the above list which proves that lack of technical background is not a problem if you are good at your work like art director and human resource manager. Therefore, earning six figures can be possible for anyone who uses their skill or education in the right way and in the right place.


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