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Tsk! Tsk! I am not my Boss’s Favourite!


You ought to be tremendously blessed to find a compatible boss to work with – Right? Wrong!! In all my corporate experience, I always wondered – though I worked really really hard, yet could never become the boss’s favorite. The good rewards and chunky performance bonus hikes somehow always found …

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Become the Suave & Trendy Glocal Leader!


“Glocal is the new Local”. As much as it sounds clichéd, we are in the midst of a workplace transformation which is here to stay! Few years down the line – almost half of the present day world workforce will be working remotely. We are already witnessing the scenario of …

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Motivate your Team to a New High!!


As a Team Leader or Manager, you may be blessed with the best of experts; but their skills either individually or as a group can take you only so far in your success – especially if they are not performing to their true potential. The best of Individual Contributors may …

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Handy Tips to Balance your Work-Life!!


A candid yet revolutionary speech made by Infosys leading man Narayanamurthy, a few years ago made the IT industry sit up and take notice to the fallacy of employees burning the midnight oil. Those were the years; when working late hours at work had become an image enhancement tool for …

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Have you set your Professional Goals yet?


Top quality education of their children is a high – priority agenda for parents in India; at least for the urbane folks. The opening up of Indian economy with economic reforms in early 1990’s brought with it an influx of alternative career opportunities. The IT, ITES, hospitality, healthcare, fashion, journalism, …

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