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How to Apply for GST Number in Bangalore?


A valid goods and service tax identification number (GSTIN) is required for any business providing products and services in Bangalore. This is a crucial prerequisite for that acknowledgement and is required by law. The GSTN, which serves as an exclusive identification number for businesses governed by the GST System, is an essential part of the tax framework of every nation. This article will discuss the importance and the process of getting a GST Number in Bangalore.

Significance of GST Number in Bangalore

Following is the significance of GST Number in Bangalore:

  1. Legal Acknowledgment: A company with a GSTIN indicates that it complies with India’s GST requirements. This official government identification confirms the company’s correct registration and authorization to provide goods and services.
  2. Transparent and Easy Transactions: In the business ecosystem, transactions are made easier and more transparent when a GSTIN is invalid. It makes the process easier for registered enterprises to buy and sell goods and services to one another, thereby improving market productivity and order.
  3. Input Tax Credit (ITC): The possibility of obtaining an Input Tax Credit is one of the primary advantages of possessing a current GSTIN. Businesses can subtract the GST they have paid from the GST they receive from sales of their purchased goods and services. This strategy ensures a more just and efficient tax system by preventing taxes from building up.
  4. Compliance and Penalties Avoided: Companies who do business without a current GSTIN may be subject to fines and other penalties from the law. Being registered guarantees adherence to GST laws, assisting companies to stay out of trouble with the government and conduct business legally.
  5. Access to Wider Market: Working with vendors who are registered with the GST is preferred by many firms, particularly larger ones and government agencies. Having a current GSTIN improves a company’s reputation and makes it more accessible to a wider market and possible partners.
  6. Government Initiatives and Schemes: Only GST-registered firms are eligible for several government programs and initiatives. Getting these advantages can help a business expand and flourish as a whole.
  7. National Presence: Businesses in Bangalore may conduct business effortlessly across state borders thanks to the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which is a nationwide tax structure. It offers a single taxation structure, making compliance easier for companies operating throughout India.

Stated differently, a legitimate GSTIN is much more than just a number; it is critical to a business’s credibility, compliance, and efficient operation inside the GST framework. It encourages openness, which helps the economy as a whole expand and prosper by bringing firms into line with the larger economic environment.

Revised GST Threshold in Bangalore: A Shift to ₹40 Lakhs for Sale of Goods

When GST was first implemented in Bangalore, an annual turnover of ₹20 lakhs was the cutoff point for required GST registration. States were free to adopt new thresholds or keep the ones they had before the 32nd GST Council Meeting in January 2019. In keeping with this, the Karnataka state government agreed to raise the threshold limit to ₹40 lakhs for the sale of commodities. On April 1, 2019, this revised restriction went into force, indicating a substantial modification to the requirements for qualifying for Bangalore GST registration.

Understanding Suo Moto GST Registration in Bangalore: A Temporary ID Generation Process

Suo moto registration, also known as temporary ID generation, involves authorized tax officials initiating the process of generating a ‘Temporary ID.’ This temporary identification is issued to facilitate the deposit of funds collected from unregistered individuals, especially during enforcement proceedings conducted by Karnataka’s GST enforcement wing.

Key Points:

  • Temporary ID Issuance: Authorized tax officials play a crucial role in issuing a Temporary ID through the Suo moto registration process. This is done to efficiently manage and account for funds collected during enforcement activities.
  • Application for GST Number: Individuals must submit an application for a permanent GST number within ninety days of receiving a temporary ID. You can finish the application process at, the official GST gateway.
  • Appeal and Cancellation: If necessary, an applicant can file an appeal against the provided registration. Additionally, individuals can request suo moto cancellation of the GST registration, adding a layer of flexibility to the process.

Importance of Suo Moto Registration

Suo moto registration is a proactive measure by tax authorities to streamline the registration process for individuals involved in enforcement proceedings. It ensures the efficient handling of funds collected during such activities and provides a temporary identification mechanism before the formal application for a permanent GST number in Bangalore.

In Bangalore, Suo Moto GST Registration plays a pivotal role in the enforcement framework, allowing for the issuance of Temporary IDs and subsequently streamlining the formal GST registration process. Understanding the implications and timelines involved in this process is essential for individuals subject to enforcement proceedings and seeking compliance with GST regulations.

Step-by-Step Process to get GST Number in Bangalore

Obtaining a GST number in Bangalore is a straightforward and rigorous process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to assist you:

  • Visit the GST Registration Website: Start by accessing the official GST registration website to initiate the registration process.
  • Register as a New User: Sign up as a new user to obtain a Temporary Reference Number (TRN), which is essential for further proceedings.
  • Log In with TRN: Log in using the TRN and complete the necessary details, including entering the Captcha code.
  • Access the ‘My Saved Application’ Page: Navigate to the ‘My Saved Application’ page and click on the ‘Edit’ icon to proceed with the registration.
  • Complete Ten Sections: Fill in all relevant information across the ten sections presented on the application form.
  • Provide Business Location and Commodity Details: Specify the principal location of the business and provide details about the commodities. Save and continue to the next section.
  • Enter Bank Account Information: Provide accurate bank account information after selecting the appropriate HSN code.
  • Scan and Upload Documents: Scan and upload all required documents as per the guidelines provided during the application process.
  • Verification Page: Proceed to the verification page, check the declaration box, and proceed with the application process.
  • Choose e-Sign or EVC Method: Select either the e-Sign method, involving an OTP sent to the linked Aadhaar card’s mobile number, or the EVC method, which requires an ‘Electronic Verification Code’ sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Application Reference Number (ARN): An Application Reference Number (ARN) will be sent to your email address and registered mobile number upon successful submission.
  • Check Application Status: Use the ARN to check the real-time status of your application and GSTIN on the official GST portal.
  • Receive GSTIN: If all information is in order, you can expect to receive your GSTIN within 7 working days after the application submission.

By following these steps, applicants can navigate through the GST registration process smoothly, ensuring accuracy and compliance with the requirements.


Obtaining and maintaining a valid GST number in Bangalore is imperative for businesses, providing legal recognition and enabling them to claim input credit. The revised GST threshold, particularly the shift to ₹40 lakhs for the sale of goods, showcases the dynamic nature of GST regulations and the need for businesses to stay informed. Suo moto GST registration adds a layer to compliance, offering a mechanism for temporary ID generation during enforcement proceedings. This proactive approach by tax authorities streamlines the formal registration process, emphasizing the importance of timely application and potential appeal or cancellation options. The step-by-step process to get GST numbers in Bangalore simplifies a complex process, ensuring a systematic approach for applicants. This comprehensive guide underscores the significance of accurate information, document submission, and the choice between e-sign and EVC methods.

In conclusion, a strategic understanding of the GST landscape in Bangalore, coupled with adherence to regulatory changes and a diligent application process, is essential for businesses seeking seamless GST registration. The journey from application to obtaining a GSTIN is a crucial aspect of business compliance, contributing to the broader framework of India’s Goods and Services Tax.

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