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Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services in Dubai

Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services in Dubai


Benefits of Outsourced Accounting Services in Dubai

Accounting is the systematic process of identifying, documenting, evaluating, classifying, authenticating, abridging, construing, and communicating financial data. Accounting reveals a company’s profit or loss over time, as well as the value and type of its assets, liabilities, and ownership interest. It encompasses the custom and body of knowledge surrounding procedures for documenting transactions, keeping financial records, executing internal audits, reporting and analyzing financial data to management, and tax advice. Accounting offers information about a company’s assets, the methods used to finance those assets, and the results obtained via the use of those assets. Accounting companies play an important role in helping businesses improve their goodwill, financial stability, credit management, audits, and financial reporting. There are some major accounting firms in Dubai that provides superior accounting and bookkeeping services to businesses. And they offer a team of qualified financial advisers and accounting specialists in Dubai to assist you in managing your business, including auditing, bookkeeping, VAT, business, and accounting services in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Different Methods of Accounting

Accounting is commonly thought of simply a simple documentation of company transactions. Accounting, on the other hand, encompasses a wide range of disciplines in addition to financial accounting and bookkeeping. Examine and identify the various areas of accounting services in your entity where you want assistance.

  • Auditing

An impartial/external party examines financial documents during external auditing. Internal auditing is the process of looking at topics including company procedures and hazards.

  • Forensic Accounting

Court and litigation proceedings, fraud investigations, claims and dispute settlement, and other legal problems are all handled by forensic accounting.

  • Financial Accounting

Financial accounting includes recording and categorising company activities, as well as preparing and presenting financial statements for internal and external clients.

  • Cost Accounting

The footage, display, and analysis of production costs are referred to as cost accounting. Cost accountants assess definite and standard costs to assist directors in making decisions about the company’s operations in the future.

  • Accounting Information Systems

Accounting information systems, or AIS, are responsible for the development, implementation, and oversight of accounting procedures and systems.

  • Management Accounting

Management accounting is concerned with the requirements of management. It covers financial analysis, budgeting and forecasting, cost analysis, business decision assessment, and other related topics.

  • Tax Accounting

Tax accounting entails tax planning and return preparation, as well as the determination of income tax and other taxes, tax counselling services such as methods to legally minimise taxes, evaluation of the effects of tax decisions, and other tax-related concerns.

  • Fiduciary Accounting

Fiduciary Accounting refers to the administration of accounts by a person with the authority to supervise and manage the property of or for the benefit of another person. Some examples are trust accounting, receivership, and estate accounting.

  • Reduction in the Cost for Recruitment/ Hiring

Hiring the correct Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Accountant, or simply an accounting specialist is expensive. Outsourced organizations already have competent accountants on staff, which cuts down on the time and expenses of finding the suitable accounting candidate.

  • Helps to Meet Compliance Requirements

When you hire from an outsourced organization, you know you’ll get the finance and accounting knowledge you require. The majority of new recruits from specialist accounting outsourcing organisations are up to date on FTA regulations and industry trends. You may hire them for accounting and consulting services since they can provide you a bird’s eye perspective of your accounting department’s processes and operations. Because the outsourced workforce has worked in a variety of settings, they are familiar with best practises and industry standards.

  • Reducing any Statutory Penalties or Charges

When you outsource accounting employees, you are covered by insurance and guaranteed by the outsourced firm. Any fraud that occurs within the department can be reported without prejudice. Accountants must avoid government charges, particularly those connected to late payment fees, reporting mistakes, and data manipulation, when it comes to government penalties.

  • Vacations for the Employees

You may avoid staff time off by outsourcing accounting services. Employees in the UAE, unlike in other nations, take a month off. You must teach other employees and provide them extra work when they are on vacation or sick leave. With a larger finance department, the number of workers needed to execute the additional jobs on top of the standard activities is taxing. There might be a hiccup in the department’s normal operations, which could compromise accuracy. When you choose outsourced accounting services, the provider will guarantee that the person is replaced with someone who is as competent, ensuring that your department’s seamless operation is not disrupted.

Why Should I Outsource Accounting Services in Dubai?

As a business owner in the United Arab Emirates, it’s critical that you keep track of your company’s performance on a regular basis. You’ll need real-time views of the company’s financials to execute this. This will help you comprehend the figures and what they signify. You will be less likely to make educated strategic decisions for your organization and plan efficiently if you do not have a competent accounting system in UAE. This is when the majority of enterprises fail.

Outsourced accounting services in the UAE are gaining popularity since they save business owners time and money. As an entrepreneur, you value your time and have limited resources. You’d be better off concentrating on your company’s expansion, attracting new consumers, and offering outstanding service.

Many business owners believe it is tough to relinquish control of critical business valuation services in Dubai such as accounting and bookkeeping in the UAE. However, there are several reasons to consider outsourcing accounting services to the UAE. Here are a few examples:

  • Increased Efficiency and Focus

Outsourced accounting in the UAE is recommended for entrepreneurs for a variety of reasons, including increased productivity and concentration. You’ll be able to spend all of your work on reaching the company’s growth objectives because there won’t be any distractions in managing the books. After all, there’s no reason to invest any more resources on anything that doesn’t directly affect your company’s overarching purpose.

  • Risk Management and Increased Accuracy

You already have a lot on your plate as an entrepreneur in the competitive marketplaces of the UAE. Your books will be more precise if you choose a service like outsourced accounting in UAE. Keep in mind that accounting errors are far more prevalent than you would believe. This has far-reaching negative implications. The authorities will punish or penalise you if you overclaim or underclaim VAT. You’ll be summoned for an audit and may face cash flow problems. With the support of a team of outsourced accountants and bookkeepers in the UAE, you may better manage risks by keeping precise financial records.

  • Access to Skilled Experts and Accountants

You have direct access to the knowledge of highly qualified experts when you outsource accounting in the UAE. You may learn from them and receive professional advice on how to drive your company ahead. Working with accounting professionals may guarantee that your company is on the correct route.

What Services can be Outsourced in Dubai?

The particular duties that an accountant can accomplish will differ depending on the service provider. If you hire a respectable, well-established accounting outsourcing business in the UAE, they may assist you with the following tasks:

– Importing financial data from sources such as payroll records, credit card statements, bank statements, and invoices;

– Reconciling and classifying transactions to ensure that all transactions are recorded;

– Keeping the company’s books up to date and correct;

– Keeping track of invoices and income that must be acknowledged (this covers accounts receivable and payable management);

– Providing accurate financial accounts on a quarterly or monthly basis, including cash flows, balance sheets, and profit and loss or income statements, before the end of the month;

– At the discretion of the firm administration, providing accurate and comprehensive financial reports to tax preparers, investors, and other third parties that may require access;

– Providing financial statements to firm management in a language they can understand.

To ensure that you have picked the best outsourced accounting service provider in the UAE, you should inquire about their services in detail. It’s important to address all of your issues and questions up front, as well as your expectations, to ensure that they’re in line with what the service provider is providing.

Things to Remember before Outsourcing the Accounting Services

Although outsourcing accounting tasks has obvious advantages, business accounting cannot be outsourced to any company. Before choosing an accounting outsourcing business, conduct thorough research. There are a number of considerations to weigh when choosing a firm to outsource all of the company’s accounting functions, including:

  1. The first and most important thing to verify is whether the third party has any certifications. This will provide the company an idea of the many specialities in which the company may supply services.
  2. The company’s reviews are the second most crucial item to look into. The evaluations will contain the opinions of people who have already used the firm’s services and will be useful in determining which firm is best for the business.
  3. The price of the service also plays a significant factor in determining which firm is best for the job.

These are only three of the many considerations that must be made. Please read our blog titled “Things to Know Before Outsourcing Accounting Functions” to learn more about the other aspects to consider.



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