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Bhoomi Online Portal: Transforming Karnataka’s Land Records Management

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The Bhoomi web portal, also known as the Land Records Management System (LRMS), was created to address various difficulties in managing land records in Karnataka. This expanded post explains the Bhoomi portal’s range of services, benefits, and transformation in land record administration.

Bhoomi Online Portal: An Overview

The Bhoomi online portal is also a revolutionary system that has eliminated manipulation and fraud. All the land records in Karnataka are done digitally. Therefore, the portal has greatly simplified access to information about land in this state and also significantly increased its pace.

Key Services Offered

The Bhoomi portal offers a wide range of services to the citizens of Karnataka, including:

  1. Viewing MR, MR Status, and RTC: The portal allows users to access Mutation Registers, statuses, and Records of Rights, Tenancy, and Crops (RTC).
  2. i-RTC (Download Certified Copies): Users can download certified copies of RTC for various purposes, including applying for loans or insurance.
  3. Viewing Revenue Maps: The portal provides access to revenue maps, aiding in land-related decision-making.
  4. Survey Documents: Users can view survey documents, including Tippan and atlas, which contain vital land information.
  5. XML Verification of RTC: This feature enables the verification of RTC records through XML format.
  6. Register of Dispute Cases: The portal offers insight into land disputes, helping individuals understand and resolve issues.
  7. Land Conversion Applications: Citizens can apply for land conversion through the portal.
  8. Download Final Conversion Order: Users can download the final conversion order after applying for land conversion.
  9. View Conversion Status Request: This service allows users to check the status of their land conversion requests.

Benefits of the Bhoomi Portal

The Bhoomi portal offers several advantages:

  1. Convenience: It makes it convenient for farmers and citizens to access land-related records and documents.
  2. Access to Certified RTC Copies: Farmers can quickly obtain certified copies of RTC, enabling them to insure crops and claim insurance.
  3. Mutation Requests: Users can apply for mutations related to inheritance, land sales, and other changes in property ownership.
  4. Dispute Resolution: The portal provides insight into land disputes, aiding in their resolution.

Understanding RTC and Mutation of Property

  1. Records of Rights, Tenancy & Crops (RTC): RTC, known as Pahani, is a crucial land record in Karnataka. It includes details such as landowner and cultivator names, soil type, land type, crops grown, land area, water rate, tenancy details, and liabilities on the land.
  2. Mutation of Property: Mutation changes property ownership, typically occurring during property sale, division, government acquisition, property owner’s death, or land conversion for various purposes.

Accessing RTC on the Bhoomi Portal

The Bhoomi portal provides multiple ways to access RTC records:

  1. By Entering Survey Number: Users can enter the survey number to view RTC details.
  2. By Entering Owner Name: The portal allows searching by owner’s name to access RTC records.
  3. By Entering Registration Number/Date: Users can search for RTC records by entering the registration number and date.

Registration on the Bhoomi Portal for Downloading RTC

To download certified RTC copies, users must create an account on the Bhoomi ‘i-Wallet Services’ portal. The registration process is simple:

  1. Create Account: Click on ‘Create Account,’ enter the required details and complete registration.

Downloading RTC

After creating an account, users can download RTC copies by following these steps:

  1. Login: Log in using the created user ID and password.
  2. Select RTC: Choose ‘i-RTC Wallet’ under ‘Services’ and proceed to download RTC.

Checking Mutation Register (MR) Status

Users can check MR status for specific lands or entire villages:

For Specific Land:

  1. View RTC and MR: Under ‘Services,’ select ‘Mutation Status’ and provide the necessary details.

For Entire Village:

  1. Village Wise Pendency: Choose ‘Village Wise Pendency’ under ‘Services’ and enter village information.

Viewing/Extracting Mutation Register (MR)

To view the mutation register, follow these steps:

  1. Select MR: Choose ‘MR’ under ‘Services’ and enter details to access the mutation register.

Viewing Revenue Maps

Accessing revenue maps on the Bhoomi portal is straightforward:

  1. Revenue Maps: Select ‘Revenue Maps’ under ‘Services,’ choose the relevant district, taluk, and hobli, and search for maps.

Viewing Karnataka Land Records Online

To access land records online, follow these steps:

  1. Survey Document: Choose ‘Survey Document’ under ‘Services,’ log in, and enter survey details to view records.

Applying for Land Conversion

The Bhoomi portal allows users to apply for land conversion, with options including Affidavit-Based Conversion, Master Plan-Based Deemed Land Conversion, and Section 109 Permission.

Fees Payable for Documents

For documents like Tippan, Mutation Status, Mutation Extract, and RTC, users can visit Land Records (LR) Kiosk Centers to obtain them for nominal fees.

  • Fees for Tippan: Rs. 15
  • Fees for Mutation Status: Rs. 15
  • Fees for Mutation Extract: Rs. 15
  • Fees for RTC: Rs. 10


The Bhoomi online portal is a testament to Karnataka’s commitment to modernizing land record management. Its services empower citizens, particularly farmers, to access vital land-related information efficiently and transparently. This digital transformation safeguards land records and contributes to the state’s economic growth and development. Bhoomi, in its essence, is a symbol of India’s journey towards a digitally empowered future.

FAQs about the Bhoomi Online Portal

1. How do I check my land’s RTC on Bhoomi?

You can check RTC by entering the survey number, owner details, or registration number/date on the portal.

2. What is the importance of the Mutation Register (MR)?

MR documents ownership changes and is vital for property transactions or inheritance.

3. How can I apply for land conversion on the Bhoomi Portal?

Users can apply for land conversion online, choosing from various options based on their needs.

4. What benefits does the Bhoomi Portal offer to farmers?

Farmers can quickly obtain certified RTC copies, which are essential for crop insurance and other purposes.

5. How can I view revenue maps on the Bhoomi Portal?

Users can access revenue maps by selecting the relevant district, taluk, and hobli on the portal.

6. Is there a fee for accessing documents on the Bhoomi Portal?

Yes, there are nominal fees for obtaining documents like Tippan, Mutation Status, Mutation Extract, and RTC.

7. Can I resolve land disputes using the Bhoomi Portal?

Yes, the portal provides information on land disputes, aiding in their resolution.

8. Is Bhoomi accessible to all citizens of Karnataka?

Yes, Bhoomi is accessible to all citizens and is particularly beneficial to those dealing with land-related matters in the state.


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