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Changing of Name in Educational Certificate

Changing of Name in Educational Certificate


Changing of Name in Educational Certificate?

The Delhi High Court recently granted approval for a plea made by orphan students allowing them to alter their names. This took place during the month of March in the year 2020. In Grade X and Grade XII certificates, the Court ordered the CBSE to remove the suffix that was made, namely ‘Udayan’ from the petitioner’s names. The petitioners were allowed to restore their individuality and identity by inserting their preferred name on their certificates, according to the Court.
This article has been written to assist you in navigating the procedure if you are someone who wish to change their name or would want to rectify a misspell name on your schooling or such other credentials. Before you begin the process of changing or correcting your name, check with your school or college or other community arrangement to see and ensuring if there are any specific procedures that must be followed or are articulated to be followed.
Meanwhile, it shall also be noted that the procedure that is to be followed for changing your name on your school or college diploma is comparable to the procedure for officially changing your name.

Procedure for Changing Name in Educational Certificate

If you would want to change your name in the Educational Certificate, then you should follow the below given procedure for complying with the same:

Step 1: Affidavit

Make an affidavit for a name change with the help of a local notary whom you can find nearby and holds the necessary experience in the field. You will be required to explain why or the reason due to which you wish to alter your name. For example, in some communities in India, after marriage, there is a practice where a woman is given a new name which may be in the form of taking the surname of her husband. She may also seek to alter this legally, or this change may be even due to someone wishing to change it because it is too long or difficult to pronounce.

Step 2: Publish in Newspaper

After that, you must publish the name change in at least two local newspapers or the ones that are running in the place that you belong to locally. You should publish one in an English daily along with the publishing of another one in a regional publication. This is to make your new name informed to the public and accepted by the public. It is also necessary that you keep the copies of the newspaper with you at all times.
It is vital that you make this public as everyone should know that you are attempting a name change and there is no one whom you are legally liable to in any manner who might want to question this or stop this.

Step 3: Notifying in the Gazette

You should then have it published in the official gazette of the state in which you are living in, say if you are living in the state of TamilNadu, then you should publish the name change in the Official Gazette of Tamil Nadu. Fill out a deed changing name form at the gazette office such that you are able to publish your name in the Official Gazette. Remember to make multiple copies of such publishing made and send these copies to the office to be published in the Government press as a gazette notice marking the publication of such intention to change your name.

Step 4: Verification Compliance

Now comes the stage where the specified authorities or the officials of the Department of Commerce and the Secretary of Transportation will commence the verification of the documents submitted by you. You’ll need to send the below given documents for the completion of the same:
– A letter to the secretary informing him or her that you wish to alter your name and requesting permission to do so.
– The form namely the deed changing name form.
– At least two copies of the local newspaper which you have utilized for publishing your name with such publishing made.
– A copy of the Affidavit which is attested.
– a photocopy of your current ID namely the voter ID Card, PAN Card, Passport, Driver’s License, Aadhaar Card or such other documents.

Step 5: Approval

You must furnish it to the office of the local gazette after gaining or obtaining the necessary clearance from the secretary. You’ll also have to pay a charge to have it published in the newspaper by the office, such that you can get the necessary approval.
Now that you’ve officially changed your name, you can approach your educational institution and inform them regarding the changing of name that you have got approval of. It would be beneficial to pay a personal visit to the college administration office, such that there is no clash formed due to the change in name. Once you’ve submitted the documentation proving your name change, it’ll only be a matter of time before it’s reflected on your educational certificate as you wanted the same.
With all the technology advancements, and the ease being established, changing your name would be an easy process you can follow for altering your name as you wanted it. The only thing to be kept in mind is that it is vital to comply with all the necessary provisions of the Laws that are in force such that you are able to change name without any difficulty and has made the same official complying with all the applicable laws, rules and regulations.
Changing of name is something anyone might need at any point, and this might also come up as a result of any misspelling of the name or a difficulty in pronouncing the same. Whatever the case maybe the above stipulated procedure shall be followed for changing the name and getting a new legal name for any compliance.



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