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Common Misconceptions about Trademark Registration in Chennai


Last Updated on June 18, 2024 by Kanakkupillai

Businesses in Chennai must first register trademarks if they want to protect their brand identification and image. Nonetheless, a number of mistakes in the brand filing process could compromise its efficiency. We will clear the typical mistakes and provide the right facts on this blog to let you easily handle the trademark application process.

Misconception 1: Immediate Protection upon Filing

Among the most common mistakes is that security starts right away upon trademark application filing. Protection really starts only if the brand is properly filed. Your name is not legally protected throughout the many months the registering process takes. Remember that filing the application is just the beginning; before your brand is really registered, you have to wait for the application to be given.

Misconception 2: Only Words Can Be Trademarked

Another common belief is that logos are merely words. Actually, trademarks may cover a broad range of factors including names, symbols, shapes, colors, sounds, and even smells. These audio and visual components may be registered as logos, therefore giving full protection for the special character of your company.

Misconception 3: Limited Scope of Protection

Some businesses think that a registered trademark provides full protection for their name. However, the truth is that copyright security is given within specific groups of goods and services, as well as actual lines. This means that your approved name may not cover your business in all fields or places. It’s crucial to carefully consider the scope of security you need and ensure that your brand registration covers the proper groups and places.

Misconception 4: DIY Trademark Registration is Sufficient

In the age of easily available online tools, some companies may think that they can handle the brand filing process on their own. While it’s possible to complete the registration process without professional help, the truth is that getting the knowledge of a trademark attorney or a specialized service provider can greatly improve the chances of a successful and accurate registration. These professionals have the knowledge and experience to handle complicated legal requirements, run thorough trademark searches, and ensure that your application is filed properly.

Misconception 5: Trademark Registration Lasts Indefinitely

Finally, many companies think that once a name is known, it will stay safe forever. However, the truth is that trademarks require occasional extensions to keep their legal authority and security. Typically, trademarks need to be changed every 10 years in India. Failing to update your property can result in the loss of security, leaving your business open to abuse or misunderstanding.


In conclusion, learning and fixing these common mistakes about trademark registration in Chennai is crucial for companies to effectively protect their brand identity. By working with experienced professionals like Kanakkupillai, you can ensure that your brand filing process is accurate, thorough, and compliant with the relevant laws and regulations. Remember, a well-protected property can be a useful tool for your business, helping you stand out in the market and keep a strong brand image.


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