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Delhi E-Pass 2024

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In times of lockdowns or restrictions in Delhi, individuals with essential travel needs are required to obtain a Delhi e-pass. Essential purposes include medical emergencies, acquiring necessary supplies and services, and commuting to authorized workplaces. The application process involves online submission and providing supporting documents like a government ID and proof of employment. The e-pass, issued based on the specified purpose, may be revoked if the holder violates the established regulations and is valid only for the stated reason in the application.

Exemptions During Weekend Curfew in Delhi

Certain individuals and activities are exempted from Delhi’s weekend curfew restrictions. The following outlines key exemptions during Delhi’s weekend curfew:

  1. Essential Service Workers: People who work in the media, police enforcement, or other critical fields are exempt from weekend curfews.
  2. Medical issues: The curfew restrictions do not bind those facing a medical emergency. However, proof of a legitimate medical emergency must be carried by individuals in such cases.
  3. Weddings: Pre-scheduled weddings are allowed with a maximum of 50 guests. Hosts and guests are required to obtain official curfew permission for the event.
  4. Interstate and International Travel: Restrictions do not apply to individuals travelling to or from Delhi via trains or planes for interstate or international purposes. Valid travel documentation, such as a ticket, is mandatory for such travellers.
  5. Industrial and Manufacturing Units: Continuously operating industrial and manufacturing facilities are permitted during curfew. However, employees are required to have employer letters or ID cards on them. Curfew enforcement may occur for infractions.

Delhi E-Pass Helpline Contact Information

The Delhi government has established a dedicated helpline to assist individuals applying for e-passes or encountering issues with the Delhi E-Pass system. The helpline number for Delhi e-pass support is:

Delhi E-Pass Support Phone: 1031

This hotline is open around the clock, allowing people to ask questions about e-passes or get help with the application procedure. The Delhi government runs the helpline, which may offer information in both Hindi and English.

People can also contact the Delhi government via the e-pass portal or its official website for more information and assistance on the e-pass system. The website offers detailed information about qualifying requirements, the application process, and other important rules related to e-passes during lockdowns and comparable restrictions.

Having the helpline number handy is ideal, whether you’re applying for an e-pass or passing through Delhi during restrictions or curfews. Travelling throughout the city is also essential, adhering strictly to COVID-19 requirements.

Official Delhi E-Pass Application Portal

The Delhi government’s official website,, is the platform where applications for the Delhi E-Pass are sent.

For Delhi’s e-pass holders, this website serves as the main hub, making it simple to browse, upload required papers, and complete the application process.

Key attributes of the official Delhi E-Pass website comprise

User-Friendly Interface: The website boasts a user-friendly interface, facilitating the uncomplicated application process for e-passes by individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Multilingual Support: Ensuring inclusivity, the website provides language support in various languages, including Hindi and English, catering to a broad spectrum of users.

Application Tracking: The website integrates a tracking feature, allowing applicants to monitor the real-time status and progression of their e-pass applications.

Application Modification: Users enjoy the flexibility to directly edit their applications on the website in instances of errors or when revisions become necessary.

In addition to these features, the website offers comprehensive resources such as:

Detailed Instructions: Users can navigate the e-pass application procedure methodically with the help of accessible, detailed instructions, which encourage accuracy and thoroughness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Many aspects of the e-pass system and the application procedure are detailed in a dedicated website section that offers thorough answers to often-asked questions.

Prospective applicants can consult these resources for guidance and clarification using the official Delhi E-Pass application website.

Eligibility Criteria for Delhi E-Pass during Restrictions

People have to meet certain requirements established by the Delhi government to be qualified for e-passes for intra-city mobility during curfews or other enforced restrictions. The following are the prerequisites for eligibility to obtain a Delhi e-pass:

Essential Service Workers:

Individuals needing critical services, funerals, medical situations, government workers, interstate travel, and students can obtain e-passes for urgent and necessary purposes during limited times. For those who must travel within the city, between states, or for essential academic activities, e-passes are available. The requirements make sure that, during restricted times, issuance corresponds with community demands.

Required Documentation for Delhi E-Pass Application

To facilitate movement within the city during curfew or other imposed restrictions, individuals must apply for e-passes, and the Delhi administration has specified the documents that must be submitted. The essential documents for a Delhi e-pass include:

To receive an e-pass, applicants must present a valid government-issued ID, proof of address, travel itinerary, supporting papers, and vehicle documentation. In addition to trip information, supporting documentation, and a valid driver’s license or certificate of registration for a personal car, they must also present a valid ID and proof of address. These records support the determination of e-pass eligibility.

It is imperative to note that during the e-pass application process, applicants must ensure the accurate and complete submission of all relevant documentation. Any falsification or inaccuracies in the provided information may result in the rejection of the e-pass application.

Delhi E-Pass via WhatsApp

Essential service providers and vehicles can now apply for a curfew pass on WhatsApp. Just send your name, address, engagement location, service details, and a copy of your ID to the provided number. Streamlining the process for convenience.

Whatsapp Numbers

East District 8447200084, 8375878007
North-East District 9540895489, 8860425666
Central District 7428336279, 7428210711
New Delhi District 9540675392, 9873743727
North District 8595298706, 8595354861
Shahdara District 8595272697, 8595274068
South-East District 8595246396, 8595258871
West District 9414320064, 8595252581
South District 9599649266, 9643150027
South-West District 9971518387, 9971526953
North-West District 8595559117, 8595543375

E-Pass Eligibility Criteria in Delhi

To qualify for a Delhi E-Pass, individuals engaged in the following essential services and activities are eligible:

  • Food Supply: Groceries, including meat, fish, dairy, and fruits.
  • Supply Outlets: General supply stores.
  • Restaurants: Restaurants providing delivery or takeout.
  • E-Commerce: Online services for basic items.
  • Authentic Stores: Public distribution system outlets.
  • Health Services: Health institutions, including veterinary care.
  • Essential Services: Electricity, milk plants, and banking operations.
  • Pharmacies: Pharmacies and chemists.
  • Care Services: Assistance for disabled individuals.
  • Media Services: Electronic and print media.
  • Financial Operations: Accounts and pay offices.
  • Communication Services: Telephone, internet, and mail services.
  • Fuel Stations: Gasoline, LPG, CNG, and oil companies.
  • Animal Feed: Activities related to animal feed.
  • Infrastructure Services: Building, maintenance, manufacturing, and logistics.
  • Stock Market Services: Key personnel under SEBI regulation.
  • Emergency Services: Fire and prison services.
  • Government Operations: Legislative assembly and peacekeeping agencies.
  • Police Services: Law enforcement.
  • Additional Critical Facilities: Any other critical facility or service as determined by the government.

Harassment Helplines in Delhi

The Delhi government has established helplines for women and vulnerable groups to report harassment and related issues. These include:

  • Delhi Police Ladies Hotline: 1091
  • Delhi Police Emergency Hotline: 100
  • National Commission for Women (NCW) Hotline: 1800-22-7777
  • Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) Hotline: 181
  • Child Helpline: 1098


The Delhi E Pass, originally introduced as a vital travel document amid the COVID-19 pandemic, is expected to retain its significance beyond the current health crisis. Evolving into a durable and practical travel credential for intra-city travel, the digital pass signifies a move towards a more technologically advanced future. This adaptation underscores the capability of technology to enhance accessibility and efficiency in providing essential services.


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