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EPFO Grievance: A Guide to EPFiGMS


EPFO Grievance

The Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF) is a critical financial resource for many in India, offering financial security and stability during retirement. However, like any system, issues that require resolution or clarification may arise. The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) recognizes the importance of addressing these concerns promptly and efficiently. That’s where the EPF i-Grievance Management System (EPFiGMS) comes into play. This article explores the EPFiGMS, its features, the types of grievances it addresses, and how to make the most of this online platform.

Understanding EPFiGMS

The EPFiGMS is an official online portal the EPFO provides to facilitate the redressal of grievances and complaints related to the EPF. This portal is designed to cater to the needs of registered EPF subscribers, offering them a hassle-free means of lodging complaints, tracking their progress, and ultimately achieving resolution.

Key Features of EPFiGMS

  1. Convenient Online Platform: One of the standout features of EPFiGMS is its online accessibility. Subscribers can register their grievances from anywhere with an internet connection, making it highly convenient.
  2. Auto-Generated Acknowledgement: Upon registering a grievance, the system generates a unique registration number and sends an acknowledgement via email and SMS. This feature ensures that you can easily track the status of your complaint.
  3. Swift Redressal: EPFiGMS is designed for faster complaint resolution, ensuring that EPF subscribers don’t have to endure lengthy delays in resolving their concerns.

Types of EPFO Grievances

EPFiGMS caters to various grievances and complaints related to the EPF. Some of the issues you can register through the platform include:

  1. Transfer of PF Accumulation: For those in the process of changing jobs or transferring PF accounts, you can address concerns related to the transfer of PF accumulation.
  2. Final Settlement of Pension: EPFiGMS assists pensioners in resolving any issues related to their final pension settlements.
  3. EPF Withdrawal: If you want to withdraw your EPF, you can file complaints or queries through the portal.
  4. PF Balance Inquiries: Have questions about your PF balance? EPFiGMS provides a means to seek clarification.
  5. Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS) Certificate: This platform can also address issues related to the EPS certificate.
  6. Cheque Issues: In the event of cheque returns or misplacement, you can report the issue and seek resolution.
  7. Insurance Benefit Payments: EPFiGMS handles complaints regarding the payment of insurance benefits.
  8. PF Balance/Slip: You can register your concerns for discrepancies or issues related to your PF balance or slip.
  9. Other Concerns: Any additional concerns not covered by the above categories can also be reported through EPFiGMS.

Who Can Register Complaints?

The following categories of EPF subscribers are eligible to register complaints or grievances on EPFiGMS:

  1. PF Members: Ordinary EPF members can use this platform for grievance redressal.
  2. EPS Pensioners: Pensioners receiving benefits from the Employees’ Pension Scheme can also seek assistance through EPFiGMS.
  3. Employers: Employers can utilize the platform to resolve issues or address their queries related to EPF.
  4. Others: This category is reserved for individuals who do not possess a Universal Account Number (UAN), Pension Payment Order (PPO) number, or establishment number.

How to Register a Complaint on EPFiGMS?

The process of registering a complaint on EPFiGMS is straightforward and user-friendly:

Step 1: Visit the official EPF i-Grievance Management System website and click the ‘Register Grievance’ tab.

Step 2: Select the applicable ‘Status’ option, and if you’re a PF member without a claim ID, select ‘No’ to proceed.

Step 3: Enter your Universal Account Number (UAN), Pension Payment Order (PPO) Number, or Establishment Number, and complete the security code. Click ‘Get Details.’

Step 4: Review the UAN details on the screen and click ‘Get OTP.’

Step 5: Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number and click ‘Submit’ after verification. A confirmation message will appear; click ‘OK’ to proceed.

Step 6: Enter your details, including gender, address for communication, pin code, country, state, and security code.

Step 7: In the ‘Grievance Details’ section, select the PF account number for PF-related grievances or choose ‘Other’ for different concerns.

Step 8: Specify the grievance details by selecting the relevant options, entering a grievance description, and attaching supporting documents. Click ‘Add’ after completing this information.

Step 9: Your grievance will appear under ‘Grievance Details.’ Click ‘Submit’ to complain to the EPFO.

Step 10: You will receive a registration number via email and SMS as confirmation of your registered grievance. EPFO will verify the complaint before forwarding it to the respective department for resolution. Typically, it takes 15-30 days to resolve registered grievances.

Checking the Status of Your Grievance

To check the status of your registered grievance or complaint, follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official EPF i-Grievance Management System website and click the ‘View Status’ tab.

Step 2: Enter the registration number received during the grievance registration, your mobile number/email ID, and the security code. If the grievance was registered on the earlier version of the EPFiGMS website, enter the ‘Grievance Password’ instead of the mobile number/email ID.

Step 3: The grievance status will be displayed on the screen, allowing you to track its progress.

Sending Reminders for Pending Grievances

If your grievance or complaint isn’t resolved on time, EPF subscribers can send reminders through the portal. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit the official EPF i-Grievance Management System website and click the ‘Send Reminder’ tab.

Step 2: Enter the registration number received during the grievance registration, your mobile number/email ID, and the reminder description. Complete the security code and click ‘Submit.’

Step 3: A reminder will be sent to the respective department, prompting them to take action to resolve the complaint.

Contacting EPFO

In addition to EPFiGMS, EPF subscribers can contact EPFO’s customer care for assistance with complaints and queries. Here are the contact details:

  • Employees’ Feedback: For employees seeking assistance, complaints, or inquiries, you can send emails to
  • Employers’ Feedback: Employers with concerns or questions can contact
  • Toll-Free Helpline: EPF subscribers can also call the toll-free number at 1800 118 005 to register their complaints.
  • Social Media: The official EPFO account on Facebook and Twitter can also be used to register complaints. However, using EPFiGMS first is recommended for a more structured and efficient resolution process.


The EPF is a vital aspect of financial planning for employees in India. To ensure that your EPF experience is smooth and free of concerns, the EPFiGMS platform offers a convenient and efficient means of addressing grievances and seeking assistance. Following the steps outlined in this article, you can register, track, and resolve your EPF-related issues hassle-free. The EPFO is committed to providing prompt solutions and ensuring your financial future remains secure and worry-free.


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