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Filing a Trademark Application in Pune


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Within Maharashtra, Pune is one of the cities seeing rapid business expansion. The city is seeing a notable rise in the number of businesses, partnerships, startups, individual firms, etc. As a result, businesses are fiercely competitive. Your intellectual properties, specifically your trademarks, are easily targeted in this competitive market. Registering your trademark by submitting an application in Pune is the first step towards keeping it safe and protected.

Meaning of a Trademark

One type of intellectual property consists of a trademark, a unique pattern, symbol, or phrase that identifies the products or services of one source above those of another. Even though service marks are more widely used to refer to trademarks intended to denote services. A trademark may belong to a person, business, or other type of legal entity. One may use the following symbols in a trademark:

  • ™ Trademark sign that is not registered and is used in trademark applications.
  • ℠ Brand service is promoted via service mark usage.
  • ® Designates a trademark that has been registered.

The Benefits of Trademark Registration in Pune

Some of the main advantages of filing for online trademark registration in Pune include the following:

  • Legal defence opposes unauthorized usage and ensures the ability to sue Pune-based violators.
  • Differentiating your goods and services from those of rivals and promoting market distinctiveness.
  • Promoting business growth by providing Pune and other areas with a trustworthy and identifiable brand.
  • Obtaining approval and recognition from Pune’s government officials.
  • Legal justification for taking action against the use of fraudulent or counterfeit goods must be given.
  • Receiving benefits from renewable protection that can be renewed indefinitely as long as the mark is being used.
  • As a recognized trademark, support for marketing initiatives can be marketed to draw clients.

Prior to Registering a Trademark, Keep the Following in Mind

  • Goods and services are both eligible for trademark applications. However, it should be able to distinguish between the products and services offered by one company and those offered by another.
  • It must be used in connection with commodities or services to denote a connection made throughout the course of business between the two.
  • The Act permits the registration of trademarks for both graphical marks and audio-visual marks (sounds and scents).
  • The trademark has a 10-year validity period that must be renewed within six months of the original registration date.

Requirements for Filing a Trademark Application

  • Name and address
  • A power of attorney granting the trademark agent representation or filing authority.
  • Affidavit of TM user (should the applicant already be using the trademark)

How to Register a Trademark in Pune?

To submit an application for a trademark in Pune, follow the instructions listed below:

  • Before starting the trademark registration process, a preliminary search is necessary in Pune.
  • In Pune, India, or another place, the Classification of Goods/Services is a prerequisite for completing the trademark registration process.
  • Create a distinct trademark.
  • To ensure a smooth application process, work with a trademark lawyer who has a lot of experience filing trademark applications in Pune.
  • Once the steps outlined above for submitting a trademark application in Pune have completed, draft the application, register it, and then thoroughly check it twice before submitting it.
  • Submit the application promptly as the funds have been received.
  • The Trademark Journal is the next place your application will be published, giving third parties the possibility to object.
  • A registration certificate shall be issued in the instance that no objections are raised; if not, the process shall be delayed.


A suitable application must be submitted to the appropriate authority for trademark registration in Pune in order to proceed with the process. Trademark registration process includes the necessary paperwork for submitting an application for a trademark in Pune classification as well as Trademark Office compliance. Professional guidance is advised before submitting a trademark application in Pune because obtaining this registration is not simple. Both your job and obtaining trademark protection will be simplified by it. A trademark is essential for all brands, regardless of where they are based, and it is not just about protecting them in the city of Pune.


  1. How long does it take to register a trademark in Pune?

The registration procedure can take anywhere from a year and a half. However, it can vary based on many factors and any outstanding complaints.

  1. In Pune, how much does it cost to register a trademark?

Although it covers government costs and professional expenses in the event that you choose to hire a trademark attorney, the price is subject to change. The continual expenditure schedule should be checked.

  1. Who in Pune is eligible to register a trademark?

Trademark registration in Hyderabad is an easy way for anyone to establish their own brand identification or to protect their own design, product, print, or service from being used without permission.

  1. What is the duration of registration for a trademark in Pune?

In Pune, the initial trademark registration period is very extensive and can be extended indefinitely over the next ten years.

  1. What advantages come with registering a trademark in Pune?

A trademark license gives the sole right to use the name while discouraging theft and protecting against unlawful usage. It also enhances the value of the company, strengthens potential protection, and builds brand recognition.

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