Helping Small Business get more Customers


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Helping Small Business get more Customers

Are you a small business owner and wondering how to get more customers? If Yes, pay your attention here. Getting a steady stream or get more customers in not an easy task but you can achieve it by following various marketing techniques. Your business is said to be in the growing phase when you get a steady stream of new customers.
Getting new customers allows your business to grow and gets you more profit. To get new customers, you have to attract them. To attract them you have to follow certain marketing techniques. And here are some of the marketing techniques which help to get new customers for your small business.
Every small business proprietor wishes to attract customers. Here are 10 tried and true ways to help those small business owners to bring in “new blood.”

Adopt Referral System

Asking for referrals is considered as one of the best ways to get new customers and also to stay in touch with the existing customers. It is not like sitting back and waiting for your existing customers to refer their family members and friends instead you should take charge or you should implement some kind of marketing strategies that makes your current and satisfied customers to actively participate in your referral programs.
Create referral-generating activity in such a way that turns into sales process. For instance, ask for a referral in the way of sending a follow-up email to your customer after receiving their order properly.

Grab new customers with offers

Get more customers by offering exciting discounts like gang offers, corporate offers, Team offers, family or couple offers. These kinds of offers will bring or will introduce your business to new customers for sure.
For instance, an eatery could offer a “Get 30% off on gang treat” or “Dine 6 and pay for 5” to attract more new customers. Even you can go for more specific offers like “Invite your friend or family member to try our new Rush Hour Sale!” to your existing customers, so that, they will try this offer by introducing your business to others. This type of marketing will give high reach among a wider range of people.

Build a Network with Customers

Create well established good old-fashioned word-of-mouth marketing to generate a network. And, also participate in many networking organizations and events which are relevant to your business. Attract the customers with your uniqueness.
While approaching networking system you should be very careful and should hold the attitude of ‘How can I help others or customers?’ instead of ‘What I have in?’ By thinking how can your services or products satisfy other, you can build good and strong relationships to your leads which turns them into your new customers.
Offer a variety of discounts and incentives for all customers and design some special offers for new customers, such as introductory offers- 10% off on your first purchase, or a two week free course at karate studio for new members, can create enticement among people and customers will turn their eye on your business.
Track your customers who redeem and who are interested in your special offer, then target them by sending marketing emails or messages promoting and luring them to keep buying your products or services.

Keep in touch with old customers

Old is gold and it can be new again, so don’t ignore your old customers or customers who haven’t done any sales with you for a while. Get hold of your customer’s contacts, and send them emails or messages on a regular basis such as offer calls, invitations for yearly sales, or sending some personalized emails like birthday wishes, exclusive offer on their birthday and so on.
By sending these kinds of offer emails and personalized emails, your customers will be glad that you remembered them and some kind of interest will be created around them about your business and that will surely lead to sales.

Improve the look and feel of your website

These days are internet days, most of the people and business-to-business buyers prefer internet or online search to find new businesses primarily. So, it clearly means that your website has to undergo some look and feel process to attract more customers to your business or websites. Design your website in such a way that the design, graphics, content and web marketing techniques or SEO are contemporary and up-to-date. If it is not, just do it immediately and make your business or products or services attractive to your customers and also it helps to grab more new customers.

Team up with complementary businesses

Partner with the businesses which holds a similar customer base, but it should not be a competitive business, and plan how you can grab each other’s customers which create a path to drive new leads to each other. For example, a wedding or bridal clothing website and an events management website or a beauty salon could pair up to team-up their offers, discounts and share their leads or customers to each other.

Promote through social media

Create a social media marketing plan, this is the place where you can directly discuss with your customers and get immediate feedback about your products or service or business. Use this platform in the right way, to promote your products to grab more customers. Publish posts, videos, articles, photos that generate views which in turn spread among the social media members that result in sales.

Make use of online reviews 

Do your products or services get online reviews or feedback or comments from your customers? If Yes, observes those comments, reviews and feedback carefully, consider those into suggestions and cultivate your products in the best way by taking all needed hints. Link and allot a page for all good reviews of your products on your website and also post the testimonials from your customers. These social proofs are really powerful, and new customers are more likely to give a try on your products by seeing all these positive reviews and testimonials.

Participate in community events

Apart from all those above aspects, this is the one which gives you more customers and also satisfaction for running a business  Give something to others and raise your profile by taking part or donating whatever you can in charity events and organizations. You can participate in many community or charity activities like sponsoring any local fun run, organizing a fun holiday for kids, donation, or supply any small budget league team with equipment within your city. These kinds of activities will bring a good name and opinion among people which in turn helps to bring more new customers.

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