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How to Easily Edit Your ESIC Details Online: A Comprehensive Guide

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Edit Your ESIC Details Online

The Employee’s State Insurance Scheme (ESIC) is a crucial government program designed to provide insurance benefits to employees and their family members. It plays a vital role in ensuring workers’ well-being and financial security in India’s private sector. Here, we will explore the process of editing and updating your ESIC details online through the ESIC Employee Portal.

ESIC Registration Overview

The ESIC Registration Act of 1948 laid the foundation for this program, focusing on safeguarding employees and their families. To qualify for ESIC registration, an organization must have ten or more employees, and individual workers with a monthly salary of up to INR 15,000 are eligible. All states and union territories in India adhere to the ESI Act except Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, and Mizoram. Over one crore employees have already registered for the ESIC scheme, offering invaluable benefits to countless workers.

Contribution to ESIC

ESIC operates as a self-financing health insurance program, where a predetermined percentage of both employer and employee salaries is allocated to support the scheme. Currently, both employers and employees contribute 4.75% of the wages paid to employees. Employees earning less than INR 100 per day are exempt from making contributions. Employers are responsible for covering the entire ESIC contribution for each employee, remitting it within 21 days of the calendar month’s end. To facilitate this process, designated banks like the State Bank of India (SBI) are authorized to receive ESIC contribution deposits.

Benefits of ESIC Registration

ESIC registration offers a wide array of benefits to private company employees and their families, grouped into four primary categories:

  1. Health Benefits:
    • Employees can receive sick benefits of up to 70% of their salary for a maximum of 91 days within a six-month contribution period.
    • Extended illness benefits may be available for some registered employees.
  2. Healthcare Benefits:
    • ESIC provides comprehensive medical support from day one without any caps on treatment costs.
    • For an annual fee of INR 120, it also covers medical treatment for permanently disabled and elderly persons and their spouses.
  3. Disability Benefit:
    • Temporary disablement benefits are granted at 90% of the salary if the disability persists.
    • Permanent disablement benefits (PDB) are awarded based on the extent of earning ability loss, as determined by a medical board.
  4. Maternity Benefit:
    • Pregnant women receive maternity benefits for three months, extendable by an additional month on a doctor’s recommendation.
    • These benefits are paid at the full wage rate for 70 days within the previous year, subject to contribution.

How to Edit Your ESIC Details Online?

Making changes to your ESIC details is a straightforward process that can be accomplished through the ESIC Employee Portal. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Registration: Begin by logging into the ESIC portal using your registered username and password for your specific workplace.
  2. Update Particulars: In the employee area on the ESIC portal’s main page, select “Update particulars of the insured person.”
  3. Search and Select: Enter the insured person’s numbered address or IP details and click the search button. This will display the employee’s name. Select the “edit” option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Edit Family Details: Click on the “Family Details” link to edit the employee’s family data. You can make changes to previously updated information at this stage.
  5. Submit Declaration: If you have added family members, the ESIC portal will include them in your account once you accept and click the submit button on the declaration.
  6. Remove Family Members: Remove a family member from the list using the edit option.
  7. New ESIC Pehchan Card: Upon completing the update process on the ESIC Portal, your employer will issue a new ESIC Pehchan card with the revised information.
  8. Access to Medical Facilities: This new Pehchan card grants access to local ESIC facilities for the insured and their family members.


ESI registration is a valuable resource for private sector employees, offering essential health and medical benefits. Editing your ESIC details online is a hassle-free process that empowers you to keep your information current and ensure you and your family continue receiving the benefits this vital government scheme provides. Employers can also leverage the ESIC portal to attract and retain top talent, making it a win-win for businesses and employees.


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