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How to Find Out Status of Application for GST Registration?


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Businesses and organizations can be subject to the provisions of the GST Act 2017 by registering for the goods and services tax. For some companies, membership is optional, but there are several advantages to doing so. For enterprises that exceed a threshold annual turnover limit, registration is also required.

Initially, the GST Act required companies with annual revenues greater than Rs. 20 lakh to register as taxable entities. This cap was increased on April 1st, 2019, to Rs. 40 lakh for makers of commodities. The threshold amount for service providers is still Rs. 20 lakh.

Once they have applied for registration, taxpayers can now keep track of their GST registration. On the GST portal, one can do this by entering the application reference number (ARN) or submission window.

In light of those, as mentioned earlier, we go over how to monitor the progress of the GST registration application in this blog post and what to do if there are delays or problems.

How Does Registering a Business under the GST Benefit You?

  • GST removes the tax’s cascading effect.
  • Higher registration threshold
  • Composition scheme for small businesses
  • Easy and convenient online process
  • The number of compliances is lesser
  • Specific treatment for online merchants
  • Enhanced logistical effectiveness
  • The GST regulates the unorganized industry.

How to check the status of a GST ARN?

After receiving a GST ARN, you can check the status of the ARN online using the GST portal. Follow these instructions to determine the GST ARN status:

In step one, access the GST portal at

Click “Track Application Status” under “Services” in the main menu.

Step 1: Monitor the GST ARN status

Step 2: Type in the ARN number.

Fill out the CAPTCHA and enter the ARN in the space provided.

Step 2: Enter ARN

Step 3: View status

Following the submission of the form, the ARN’s status is shown below.

Step 3: View ARN’status

Type of GST ARN’status

The various ARN status types and their meanings are discussed below.

  • Form assigned to approving officer: An officer has been given the GST application. The application is being processed by an officer on the government’s end.
  • Pending clarification: The processing officer has asked for clarification regarding the GST registration application that was submitted. The clarification should be sent via the GST portal as soon as possible.
  • Clarification filed—pending order: In this instance, the applicant has submitted a clarification in response to the GST officer’s concerns. An order should arrive soon.
  • Clarification NOT filed—pending for order: The applicant failed to file a clarification within the allotted time. The GST officer will probably issue an order denying the GST registration application.
  • Application approved: The GST officer has approved the application for GST registration. The GSTIN and GST registration application will be sent to you shortly.
  • Application rejected: The GST officer has denied the request for GST registration. If you require a GST registration, you will have to reapply.

Contacting the GST helpdesk

To simplify the transition to GST for India’s millions of company taxpayers, the government has established a helpline staffed by a horde of tax officials and executives. People who have registered for GST and the general public can call the GST hotline for assistance with any GST-related issues, such as GST registration, GST return filing, GST payments, etc.

GST helpline phone

The GST portal hotline can be contacted by individuals registered on the GST portal or by companies that want to apply for GST registration. The GST portal helpline can be reached at 0120-4888999. To better assist, the GST agency recently added the GST portal toll-free number: 1800-103-4786. Taxpayers can call this number to get assistance with issues connected to GST registration, GST return filing, GST payments, and access to the GST portal.

GST helpline email

Email communication with the GST department is also an option for taxpaying individuals and companies with a GST portal or who want to register for GST. The GST helpdesk’s email address is The GST portal’s email helpdesk can offer assistance with GST registration, GST return filing, GST payments, and access to the GST portal.

CBEC MITRA helpdesk

The Central Board of Excise and Customs also operates a GST helpline that can be contacted for assistance with GST-related issues. The CBECMITRA helpdesk’s contact information is as follows:

  • Toll-free helpline:1800-1200-232
  • Email:

GST helpdesk on Twitter

Social media is an extremely active platform for the GST department. You can follow the official GST department Twitter account to get the most updated information and to tweet GST-related inquiries to the department.

GST helpdesk on Facebook

The GST department also keeps a Facebook page updated with the latest information, similar to its presence on Twitter. On Twitter, however, the GST department has a greater audience and publishes updates more frequently than on Facebook.

GST department on YouTube

The best place to look for materials if you want to learn more about submitting a GST return or utilizing the GST portal is the GST department YouTube channel. On its YouTube channel, the GST department frequently updates various instructional materials. Therefore, it is best to follow the GST department’s YouTube channel.

GST department on LinkedIn

Additionally, the GST department has a LinkedIn profile. Despite not being updated as frequently as the Twitter and Facebook accounts, it can still be used to locate individuals or staff members connected to the GST department.

GST Seva Kendra

You can stroll into the closest GST, Seva Kendra, if you want to immediately visit a GST Department Office. GST The Ministry of Finance established Seva Kendras, or GST Facilitation Centers, to assist taxpayers who have registered for GST. To promote GST compliance and better support small businesses and new entrepreneurs under GST rules and regulations, all GST Seva Kendras have the resources and manpower.

The GST Seva Kendra headquarters offers the following services to help with GST registration and GST compliance:

  1. Information brochures, documents, trade notices, forms, etc.
  2. Assisting taxpayers in understanding legal requirements, processes, and documentation
  3. Supporting the quick resolution of their pending GST applications, references, etc., with any departmental authority in the commissioner
  4. Helping the taxpayers obtain assistance from GSTN/DG Systems, CBIC.
  5. Improving taxpayer satisfaction under GST, an area of crucial importance to the government, by carefully examining the required “Taxpayer Satisfaction Forms” to find areas for improvement

What to do if a GST registration application is delayed or has problems?

Identifying the problem

If there is a discrepancy in your application after you submit it, you must be notified within seven days unless you have not completed Aadhaar authentication. If Aadhaar authentication is still waiting, it will take the department at least a month to do physical verification, after which you will be given a registration certificate.

If 30 days have passed and the GST official has not cited any inconsistencies, you may issue invoices. One thing to keep in mind is that you must reissue the invoices within 30 days after receiving the issuing certificate.

The GST officer handling the application will send a notice requesting more information, clarification, or documentation if the GST registration application does not include all required documents or information, as stated below:

A GST officer cannot order a personal hearing to issue a fresh GST registration certificate, and this is vital to remember. The GST officer must communicate any information about the application process or any registration issues only via GST forms.

GST registration application rejected

The processing officer may reject the application if the applicant doesn’t respond, is dissatisfied with the response, or doesn’t respond within the specified time window. The GST officer will notify the taxpayer of the rejection of the GST registration application by sending them the notification below. The authorized official must provide the applicant with written notice of the reasons for refusal by GST legislation.

GST registration application rejection order

A new GST registration application may be submitted if the taxpayer has fixed the problems detailed in the cancellation order for the GST registration application. The nearest GST, Seva Kendra, can also be contacted for help if the applicant has any inquiries about the reasons for denial.

Dealing with the problem

In other words, if you don’t respond to the notification with an explanation or the GST officer isn’t happy with the clarification or new documents, it is possible to reject the initial application submitted in Form GST REG-01, and the decision would be made in Form GST REG-05.

If the tax authority rejects your application for registration, you have three months from the date of the order to appeal the decision.

What if you have GST registration errors?

You can correct any inaccuracies or errors in your GST registration application during or after registration. Documents must be submitted using Form GST REG-14. Within 15 days, the GST officer will review and approve FORM GST REG-15.

However, if the PAN contains an error, you must submit FORM GST REG-01 to register again. This is because the PAN serves as the basis for the GSTIN number.

What caused the rejection of your GST registration application?

Only incomplete applications, applications with insufficient identification or address verification, and applications with mismatched PAN card numbers will result in the rejection of your GST application.

The GST officer processing the application will issue a notice requesting more information, clarification, or documentation if the GST registration application does not include all required documents or information.

In this case, you have until the date specified in the notice to provide the necessary data or paperwork as specified by the GST officer via the common site. When the authorized official is happy with the information you submitted for the GST certificate, he or she will approve the application. However, if you don’t include all the necessary paperwork or don’t submit your application for the GST certificate on time, the authorized officer has the authority to reject it.

The GST officer cannot order a personal hearing to issue a fresh GST registration certificate. The GST officer must communicate any information about the application process or any registration issues only via GST forms.

The processing officer may reject your application if you don’t respond, the authorized officer is dissatisfied with your response, or you don’t respond promptly.

The officer may reject the application and issue an order in Form GST REG-05 if he or she is dissatisfied with the response.

The GST officer will notify the applicant if their application for GST registration is rejected. Under GST legislation, the authorized official must inform you in writing of the reasons for refusal.

You can respond to the rejection letter if your application for GST registration is denied.

However, you would need to wait for a final rejection, which will take about 10 days, if you wanted to submit a fresh application.

You can reapply after the application has been completely denied.

By utilizing your login information, you can enter the GST portal and proceed as follows:

Click Services > Registration > Application for Revocation of Cancelled Registration option

Seeking assistance

You can contact any GST registration consultant of your choosing to help you with the following GST registration-related difficulties:

GST registration issues

The following is a list of the typical GST registration problems one may run into:

1. Not having a temporary ID

2. Cancellation of the provisional ID (only applicable for GST migrations)

3. Inability to choose a range code

4. Mistakes in digital signatures

5. Misleading PAN information

6. No ARN was received

7. No receipt of the GST registration certificate

8. Misleading data on the GST registration certificate

How can GST professionals assist you?

GST practitioners are tax experts who may prepare returns and carry out other tasks using the data provided to them by a taxable person. The taxpayer is still legally in charge of these files, though.

What is a GST consultant’s job description in India?

Below is a list of duties for a GST consultant:

  1. Examining the client’s accounting information and determining whether GST conformity with tax rules is present
  2. Helping customers classify transactions using the appropriate HSN or SAC code for products and services
  3. Analyzing the potential effects of GST laws on the client’s various company processes


Here is a summary of how to verify the status of a GST registration application and deal with any problems as soon as they arise:

  1. After receiving your GST ARN, visit the GST portal to see how it progresses.
  2. Check your GST ARN status and reply appropriately.
  3. To fix any problems with your GST registration, contact the GST helpdesk or GST Seva Kendra.
  4. Quickly discover the problem causing your GST registration application to be delayed or rejected.
  5. If there are any problems with your application for GST registration, get help from GST practitioners, consultants, or any accounting business you choose.

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We anticipate that this blog will be useful for all the enquiring readers who want to find out the status of their GST registration application based on our conversation thus far.


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