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How to Find Udyam Registration Number Online?


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Udyam verification is an online process MSME owners must go through on the government portal to register with UAM as part of Udyam registration, replacing both EM-II and UAM registration processes.

An official UAM or Udyam number offers many advantages for businesses, including qualifying for government programs and grants and giving legitimacy to your business, which simplifies obtaining loans or investments.

Registering for Udyam

If you are an entrepreneur and wish to register for Udyam, the official website offers an easy and effective solution. Simply select “For New Entrepreneurs who are not Registered yet as MSME”, fill out your details, and submit them. After doing this, an OTP will be sent via phone/email; simply enter this and click “Validate OTP” before moving on with the registration process.

After completing this step, provide information about your enterprise, such as its name, address, National Insurance number (NIN), type of business activity (manufacturing or services), etc. Additionally, enter details regarding investment in machinery and plants as well as the turnover of your enterprise.

Provide the details of your business bank accounts and IFSC codes. Select whether it’s proprietorship, partnership, or cooperative society status before providing contact info such as an e-mail address and associated mobile phone number. Finally, provide a captcha code so we can verify your information.

Once your Udyam registration number has been issued, you can take advantage of government benefits available exclusively to MSMEs. These benefits include financial support from banks and NBFCs at no interest, tax breaks and concessions, and the UDYA MUDRA NIKHALA scheme, which offers additional loans for working capital and equipment purchases.

Udyam certifications are electronic documents that validate your business as an MSME (Micro, Small or Medium Enterprise). They can serve as proof of registration and remain valid throughout their lifecycle; additionally, they will contain both the personal details of the entrepreneur and company details.

The Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises is responsible for registering Udyam numbers of entrepreneurs throughout India. This fully online system takes less than one minute. It eliminates the need for documents or proof submission, making it an efficient way of accessing government assistance for your business venture.

Registering with Udyam requires being an entrepreneur who holds a 12-digit unique Aadhaar number, has a registered address and bank account details, and is in either manufacturing or service industries.

Forgot your Udyam Number

If you registered your MSME as Udyam but have forgotten its number, don’t despair – recovering it can be done easily in just three steps. Visit the Udyam website and click on the “Forgot Udyam” link; fill out your details, such as your Udyam number, phone number and email address, before clicking “Validate and Generate OTP.” An OTP will then be generated, which you can use to retrieve your registration number with Udyam.

MSME registration is an essential process for small businesses in India. It allows access to credit at lower interest rates, government subsidies and tax exemptions and establishes credibility among clients and investors. However, certain requirements must be fulfilled before registration, such as compliance with regulations, filing reports within specific time frames and having all required documents ready before starting your registration process.

Udyam Registration Scheme offers MSME owners an easy and free way to verify the legitimacy of their business. This scheme uses Aadhaar identification, PAN and GSTIN numbers as proof. Verification can take as little as 24 hours, making this an improved alternative to the Udyog Aaaar scheme, which doesn’t fully integrate with MSME portals like GeM.

Start now by visiting the Udyam Registration website. Once there, select either Regain my Udyam Number/Verify my Registration/Print Out my Certificates options to match your needs and provide the necessary details. When your form has been submitted and paid, and our service fee application has been approved, you should receive your Udyam registration number within 1-2 hours for use when verifying information with the Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).

Verifying your Udyam Number

Udyam numbers are essential for small businesses to access government funds and benefits. Without one, your business could face fines and repercussions, as well as not qualifying for certain programs or tenders that limit growth and diminish its competitiveness. It is, therefore, vitally important that if you have forgotten your registration number, you verify it as soon as possible; here are some simple steps for doing this.

Udyam registration is free and paperless; the process relies on self-declaration. When filling out the registration portal, basic information like your name and address are asked for; after entering this data, you will receive both a Udyam Registration Number and GSTIN for use when verifying in government databases if needed. It is wise to keep copies of both PAN cards and Aadhaar cards handy as these will also be necessary when applying for MSME Registration.

With a Udyam registration number, your business can reap numerous advantages such as tax exemptions and grants from the government, government contracts and reduced bank loan interest rates. Your Udyam number is a unique 12-digit identification code that helps track its activities.

Visit the MSME website to verify your Udyam number. Once on, click on ‘Print/Verify’, select “Udyam Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM),” enter your Udyam number captcha code, and click “Verify”.

You can take advantage of its benefits once you possess a valid Udyam number. If you need assistance determining whether your company qualifies, contact the Ministry of MSME’s helpdesk for guidance; once verified, they will provide a Udyam registration number and application form, which can be printed off and submitted directly.

Regaining your Udyam Number

Udyam registration enables small businesses to take advantage of government subsidies and benefits, but business owners sometimes misplace their Udyam number, potentially hindering its growth and development. However, there are methods available to recover it should this occur.

The first step to creating a Udyam account is visiting its website and registering it by providing personal details like name, birthdate and other relevant data. After you register, you will receive a Udyam number and certificate that allows access to numerous benefits, including lower loan interest rates and government tenders.

To confirm your Udyam registration, the Ministry of MSME offers an online verification portal designed specifically to ease and expedite Udyam registration processes as much as possible. It features user-friendly navigation tools and step-by-step instructions to guide you through each stage of the registration process.

Once registered for Udyam, an email confirmation with your Udyam number and other details should arrive. If you cannot locate it in either of those places, first check your inbox or spam folders before visiting your bank’s website, where they could provide this information directly.

Visit the Udyam website to validate your registration. It features multiple languages for user convenience – especially helpful if English isn’t one of your spoken languages; using translation tools ensures they will be understood.

Contact private registration consultants to assist in reclaiming your Udyam registration number quickly and professionally. These companies specialize in fast turnaround times that allow you to reclaim it as quickly as possible; additionally, they will help with other related issues, such as getting a new PAN.

Benefits of Udyam Registration Number for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises

Udyam registration provides small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with recognition and benefits such as priority in government procurement, tax exemptions and access to loans with lower interest rates.

To apply, visit the Udyam website and fill out your information before clicking “Agree on Terms and Policies.” After doing this, an OTP will be generated for you.

Udyam registration number can be an immense asset to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) because it opens the doors to many government benefits while increasing business credibility and improving chances of securing loans from financial institutions.

Entrepreneurs looking for Udyam registration should visit the official website and submit their information, starting with their name and 12-digit Aadhaar number. After providing this data, an OTP will be sent directly to their registered mobile phone.

Udyam is an innovative digital and paperless process relying on self-declaration, making applying for MSME registration simpler for entrepreneurs. Before Udyam came along, this time-consuming and complex procedure required entrepreneurs to submit various documents. With Udyam, however, entrepreneurs can save both time and money. Furthermore, this new classification system classifies enterprises based on investment/turnover ratio, which provides an easier classification metric than its predecessor did.

1. Tax exemptions

Registering under Udyam can help any business save on taxes, providing many advantages such as exemption from earning money deposits for government tenders and lower electricity bills. In addition, Udyam registration protects enterprises against delayed payments from buyers, ensuring that they will get paid for their products and services.

Udyam registration number acquisition is straightforward and free of cost. Business owners simply need to register with the online Udyam portal, validate their PAN card and provide information about their enterprise before agreeing to its terms and policies. Once this step has been completed, an OTP and an electronic registration certificate will be generated via email.

An e-certificate can be used to verify the legitimacy of an enterprise’s information and is valid for five years as proof of ownership and validity. Having one may help an enterprise access government schemes and subsidies more easily and simplify registration and certification procedures.

2. Licensing and certification

Udyam registration enables entrepreneurs to access numerous schemes and subsidies designed specifically to benefit small, micro, and medium enterprises (SMM). These include exemption from paying EMD in eTendering, special loan discounts from banks, reimbursement of ISO certification costs, protection against late payments, and preferential treatment when procuring government contracts.

Udyam portal allows entrepreneurs to self-declare their businesses as MSMEs quickly and effortlessly online. Once applications have been submitted, an e-certificate of recognition will be sent directly to business owners; it is valid for one year and may help access other government schemes or benefits.

To obtain an e-certificate, visit Udyam’s website and select “for new entrepreneurs who are not signed as MSME”. Enter your Aadhaar number, date of enterprise initiation, email address and phone number before pressing “Validate Aadhaar Number”. Once verified, press on the Validate Button.

3. Legal recognition

Udyam registration is a government program through which micro, small, and medium-sized businesses can register their operations and gain certification – opening doors to tax breaks, reduced loan interest rates, and priority in government procurements.

Registering on Udyam is simple and efficient, only taking three simple steps to complete. First, visit the portal and enter your name-related title and 12-digit unique Aadhaar number into it; click “Validate & Generate OTP” to validate, then generate OTP before entering it into either your mobile phone number or email address to receive it; finally, click on “Submit.”

Once the process is completed, you will receive a Udyam registration number and an e-certificate at no cost or with no paperwork required. Furthermore, the Udyam portal fully integrates with income tax and GST identification systems, enabling it to provide MSME entrepreneurs benefits quickly and on time.


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