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How to Get a Wine Shop License in India?


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Starting a wine business in India involves navigating a challenging landscape of license requirements, legal requirements, and necessary steps in the process. With the unique requirements of budding business owners like you in mind, this book has been painstakingly assembled to provide an in-depth examination of the subtleties associated with obtaining a wine shop license in the whole country.

This guide is helpful for individuals wishing to enter the ever-changing wine retail industry, covering everything from navigating the regulatory environment to understanding the nuances of related costs. The emphasis on necessary actions highlights the importance of a methodical approach to ensure a smooth and legally acceptable establishment process.

As you consider the future of your wine shop, remember that obtaining the required permits with diligence is legally required and essential to building a solid and successful business. Use the knowledge and initiative this guide offers and your continued education to confidently start your entrepreneurial endeavors.

May your foray into the wine retail business in India be characterized by success, unwavering adherence to regulations, and a delightful experience for both you and your valued customers.

Varieties of Wine Shop Licenses in India

Within India’s regulatory framework, a variety of licenses specifically cater to different aspects of wine sales. One such license, which is widely prevalent, is the retail outlet license, which grants individuals the authority to sell wine directly to consumers. This license is essential for those operating establishments that directly retail wine to end customers.

In contrast, the wholesale license is an alternative for those who want to supply wine to other retailers or establishments such as restaurants. This license is pivotal for individuals or businesses engaged in the distribution aspect of the wine industry.

Furthermore, there is the option of a production license, which is specifically tailored for individuals who harbour an interest in crafting their wine on their premises. This license is pertinent for those who aspire to be involved in producing and creating wine rather than just its retail or distribution.

In summary, these distinct licenses serve to regulate and facilitate various facets of the wine industry in India, providing legal permissions and frameworks for retail, wholesale, and production activities.

Initiating the Process of Obtaining a Wine Shop License in India

The following steps are crucial for those aspiring to establish or manage a wine shop in India. Commencing the application for a wine shop license involves reaching out to the local Wine and Spirit Regulatory Authority (WSRA). Upon contact, the WSRA will furnish you with an application form, necessitating completion and prompt return. Subsequently, the WSRA thoroughly reviews your application, potentially requesting supplementary details, such as financial statements. Upon successful scrutiny, the WSRA issues the coveted license. Armed with this knowledge on securing a wine shop license in India, it’s time to embark on the application process.

The Initial Steps in Establishing Your Wine Shop

Before realizing your dream of inaugurating a wine shop in India, there are essential preliminary tasks to accomplish. The specifics of the application process may vary depending on your location, but generally, it entails assembling requisite documentation and completing a designated application form.

Documentation prerequisites hinge on your geographic location in India, typically requiring evidence of business ownership, financial stability, and insurance coverage. Additionally, foreign employees may be required to submit business licenses, permits, and passport details.

With all pertinent documentation in hand and the application form duly filled, the next step involves submission to the relevant authorities. This process typically entails either completing an online application or participating in an interview. If the proceedings unfold smoothly, you’ll soon realise your vision of inaugurating your wine shop in India!

Application and Approval Process for Wine Shop License in India

Securing a Wine Shop Act license in India involves a structured process comprising application processing and certification. To initiate this procedure, prospective applicants must undergo an initial application processing period. While the standard duration for this phase is six months, there is an option for expedited processing by furnishing evidence of commendable business practices. After completing the application review, the next step involves applying for a Wine Shop Certificate through the Regional Wine Regulatory Authority (RWRA). Upon successful application, the RWRA will then issue a certificate affirming the licensing and operational status of the wine shop. This comprehensive process ensures the legal and regulatory compliance necessary for establishing and operating a wine shop in India.

Approval and Issuance Procedures under Varied State Regulations in India

Navigating the wine retail landscape in India involves a stringent approval process governed by diverse state regulations. Acquiring a wine shop license is mandatory, with inspections scrutinizing premises and inventory. Successful establishments receive a two-year license, subject to annual renewal. Varied state laws dictate the regulatory framework, emphasizing the need for compliance with specific licensing prerequisites and additional business permits.

  • Approval Process: Obtaining a wine shop license is obligatory for any wine retailer conducting business in India. The approval procedure entails a thorough examination of both the premises and the wine inventory. The license may face cancellation or suspension if any issues are identified during the inspection.
  • Issuance of License: The license will be granted once the establishment successfully passes the inspection and fulfils all necessary documentation requirements. This license remains valid for two years and necessitates annual renewal.
  • Diverse State Regulations: Various state laws, each with its own set of regulations and requirements for licensing, regulate the nation’s wine business. In India, obtaining a license from the appropriate state government is typically necessary to operate a wine shop. It’s probably also necessary to get a trade permission and business license.

State-Specific Regulations Governing the Wine Industry in India: Licensing Authorities and Requirements Across Different Regions

Various Indian states have distinct laws governing the wine industry, each administered by its regulatory authority:


  • Gujarat Wine Regulatory Authority is the regulatory body in charge (GWRA)
  • Getting a GWRA license is necessary to operate a wine shop in Gujarat.
  • Extra requirements include the need for a trade authorization and a business license.

Tamil Nadu:

  • Tamil Nadu Wine Regulatory Authority is the regulatory body in charge. (TWRA)
  • Obtaining a TWRA license is necessary to own a wine shop in Tamil Nadu.
  • Extra Requirements: A business license and a trade permit are required in addition to the TWRA license.


  • The regulatory body in charge is the Karnataka Wine Regulatory Board (KBRB)
  • Obtaining licenses: Obtain a KBRB license to run a wine shop in Karnataka.
  • Extra prerequisites: Besides the KBRB license, a trade permit and a business license are necessary.

Andhra Pradesh:

  • The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation is the regulatory body in charge. (APSRTC)
  • Operating a wine shop in Andhra Pradesh necessitates possessing an APSRTC license.
  • In addition to the APSRTC license, it is necessary to obtain a trade permission and a business license.


  • The Maharashtra State Waqf Board (MSWB) is the regulatory authority.
  • Overview of Licensing: In Maharashtra, the MSWB regulates the wine business, with district branches caring for things like fruit permits.
  • Additional Requirements: Permits or compliance may be required to comply with certain district regulations.


  • Regulatory Authority: Goa Wine Regulatory Board (GWRA)
  • Licensing Requirement: Obtain a GWRA license to operate a wine shop in Goa.
  • Additional Requirements: Alongside the GWRA license, a business license and a trade permit are obligatory.

Adherence to these state-specific regulations, including obtaining the requisite licenses and permits, is crucial for legal and operational compliance within the diverse landscape of India’s wine industry.


In conclusion, establishing a wine shop in India involves a meticulous approval process encompassing several crucial steps. Commencing with the acquisition of an alcohol license from the local government is not just a prerequisite but a fundamental step. This licensing procedure is not swift; it unfolds over weeks or even months. Therefore, diligent monitoring is required to avoid nearing deadlines and potential complications that might impede progress.

Following the procurement of the alcohol license, another critical step is securing a wine shop permit from the local police department. This permit is pivotal for the official opening and subsequent sale of alcohol from the establishment. It adds a layer of regulatory compliance to ensure that the operation aligns with the legal framework and maintains public safety.

It is crucial to strictly follow safety precautions at the last stage. This entails carrying out a thorough fire safety strategy, maintaining every piece of equipment, and paying particular attention to wine storage facilities. This dedication to safety guarantees the observance of rules and protects the health and safety of both visitors and the larger community.

The process’s conclusion, taken as a whole, essentially highlights the complexity of opening a wine shop in India and highlights the necessity of a careful and legal strategy to negotiate the complex web of safety, regulatory, and licensing requirements.

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